Karin Park – Shine (L’amore Summer Remode)

Posted by on May 18, 2014


Karin Park - Shine (L'amore Summer Remode)

On a special day in early July of last year, I felt like going swimming. I also felt like making my mouth taste terrible however, so I decided to go swimming in the Pacific Ocean. I am unsure if it was the large quantity of seawater that orally penetrated me (I’m not a girl btw), or that margarita I had not long afterwards, but somehow I got sick. I had a light cough and so there was just no way I was capable of making a post. A few weeks passed and on August 1st of last year, I returned from my multi-week hiatus with a post of Jeter’s remix of Coldplay’s “Clocks”. A remix for “Clocks”, or really any Coldplay song is a rare thing but Jeter delivered a great progressive house remix of Coldplay. Something done only by literally a lot of people.


After some time, George Greenwood also started producing under the name L’amore. He switched from his uptempo progressive house style to a calmer, deep house and house style. He has a few releases on his Soundcloud and they’re all good, but when he uploaded a minute long preview of his remix for the vocalist on Axwell’s latest track, Karin Park, I immediately messaged him asking when he would release it. He expedited the release and now his remode of Karin Park’s “Shine” is available for all. L’amore’s abilities as a producer are superb, with his exceptionally high production quality being especially impressive. He has a knowledge of music that many of his peers cannot match. If you enjoy the song below, check out his Soundcloud because you’ll probably enjoy his others.

Free Download: Karin Park – Shine (L’amore Summer Remode)

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