Kamandi & Polo – AASB EP

Posted by on April 12, 2014

This EP is just too cool to pass up. Kamandi and Polo have created a seven day gradual release program for the “AASB” EP. Followers get one track (on Bandcamp) and the corresponding video (on Youtube) released per day until it’s all out for sale! We are on day six now, but I couldn’t wait until day seven to post this because it caught my attention so quickly. Each track, named by a different symbol, has a unique atmosphere to it. The bass in these tracks is mind-blowing if you’ve got the right system. All the tracks are smooth, ambient, and mysterious. The vibes in this EP are hard to describe, but may be somewhere along the lines of dark, emotional, and chill. I’ve attached two tracks from Soundcloud. Click on the Bandcamp link to hear the rest and purchase the whole EP!

Kamandi | Polo

Bandcamp: Kamandi & Polo – AASB EP

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