Danzfolk – Talos

Posted by on March 23, 2014

Danzfolk - Talos

I have been singing these guys’ praises for some time now and with the second volume of their epic MYTHOS trilogy in the books, I hope you can see why. No I don’t represent them, but just believe their music should be in front of more people. With “Leviathan” in the books, they head to Greece to unveil their next myth “Talos”. Taken from their soundcloud page, read below for some background on the myth,

‘Talos’ was a gigantic creature and guardian of Crete. Zeus presented him to his lover, Europa, as her personal protector from pirates and invaders. Talos was given the task of patrolling the island, circling it three times in a day. The giant did not allow any enemy ships to approach, hurling massive rocks to sink the wooden ships of those who dared to threaten Crete. If any managed to escape these and set foot on land, a horrific surprise lay in store for them. Talos entered a fire until his bronze body was red hot. Then he clasped his enemies in a tight embrace, burning them to death. Their bodies were found with their mouths wide open in agony and horror.

Exactly like the purpose of this series, the song has a mystical nature to it. “Talos” tells a story, one that builds beautifully like the island of Crete and then strikes with the controlled aggression of the song’s namesake. The tune is free and is about as good as free gets. If you want more Danzfolk, listen to this mix from them below.

Free Download: Danzfolk – Talos

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