Alexander Spit Ft. Jay Ughh- Millions (Video)

Posted by on January 25, 2014


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H5C got their start making un-sanctioned video’s for big names like Frank Ocean, Odd Future and The Weeknd. Their signature dream-scape visuals used common elements like drugs, sex and violence in a way that made the most vile of acts seem a bit more classy. The directing collective quickly gained notoriety in the L.A. scene and have since moved on to making official videos for some of the most cutting edge artists in the game.

Enter Alexander Spit and Jay Uggh,  two very ill So Cal emcees who’s styles seem to draw from similar pools of influence. Each of these emcees bounce between a mid-west, rapid-fire delivery and the southern relaxed drawl that could have only originated from mixing copious amounts of lean, green and shrooms. The outcome is a sonic melting pot of trill vibes that will leave you wanting to hear more.  If your feeling this joint be sure to stream or support the Dillinger album.

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