Bedroom Bangers #2

Posted by on November 21, 2013


If you’ve heard the original Bedroom Bangers you’re probably a diehard upallnighter with a desire for orgasmic, just body crunching bass. I wouldn’t go as far as to say these tracks are chill in the sense of ‘ambient’ but they do have an ethereal bounce to them. All of them are tight, I personally high five all these tracks, So there you have it, some beats and some gibberish. If you want to know anything more about an individual artist, travel through their soundcloud to the rest of their discography.

Free Download: Cleindl – Mornings

Free Download: PARTYNEXTDOOR – Muse (VXNYL Remix)

Not yet a download on this Mura Masa gem but I am extraordinarily patient.

More after the jump, including a mix.

Free Download: KLNV – Goldxn Ways

Free Download: Klimeks – Tokyo Train

Free Download: Endaf – I Want Some

Free Download: Murder Beach – You

Free Download: W8 // ColdFreshPillows. mix


Samuel Truth – Gaia

Daniel Curpen – Work Yo Body (Affelaye Remix)

Pretendingtowalkslow ft. Zeroh (M. Constant Remix)

Ariel Camusso & Persian Empire – Time (123Mrk remix)

Suasion – Alter

Papertoy – The Love

Murder Beach – You

Boeboe – Negative ROI

Sage The Gemini – Don’t You

Fl?ming?sis – Add The Bassline

XNDR J – Moving On

Fitzroy – Turtle Haze

Xian – Feel

Daktyl – Why You

Cypriot Vibez – Girl I Want

2AM Club – Black Liquor (Bassy Remix)

Pascäal – Drowning In You

Zaika – I Can’t Stop

S.F.T – Manenuff


Mura Masa – Tough On You

Sexytime – Inamorata

Kamandi – Smoke Club

Klimeks – Tokyo Train

Mieux – Pearl (Sekuoia Remix)

Kit Pop – Just Another Day

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