Dizzy Wright – The Golden Age

Posted by on November 10, 2013

I don’t know how I ever overlooked the release of Dizzy Wright’s mixtape The Golden Age, which was dropped on August 19th, but here it is everyone. I’ve been taking a listen over the last couple of days and this is the biggest progression of maturity and production I’ve seen out of Dizzy since he’s been on the come up. With features like SwizZz, Honey Concaine, Kid Ink, Wyclef, Joey Badass, Logic, & more I’m thoroughly impressed. I’ve always respected Dizzy for his too-real raps and his great selection of beats that he’s notoriously rapped over the last couple of years, but The Golden Age has to be my favorite by far. Such a great compilation of mixes from bangers to mellow beats, everyone should hop on the Dizzy Wright train cuz it’s taking off.
Stream the whole mixtape here, or by it on iTunes!

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