Gillie Da Kid – King Me

Posted by on November 8, 2013


I’ve been keeping up with Philadelphia rapper Gillie Da Kid for a minute ever since I heard his record “Get Down On The Ground” and when I seen he released his latest video “King Me,” which is supposedly a diss response to Meek Mills, I had to support. I’m bouncing to it as we speak, and I hope the radio DJs pick up on this one, cause it goes hard. Salute Gillie, we support!

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  • Robert Kushman III

    u want i shud freeeze or git down on the ground. smoke the purple pound i just happend to found on the side of the mountain. patron’s in mah fountain, catchin’ rainbow trout and countin stacks on ounces. savin my allowance, got a new accountant. shiyt…im out bitch.