Drake – Nothing Was The Same (Review)

Posted by on September 23, 2013


Drake told us on his Versace remix that his album would come out in September, “just wait on it”. We have and on Tuesday it will finally be released to the public. Now we all know that it is available to the public, why else would I be writing a review on this album right now then? To be perfectly honest, I have not been a huge Drake fan these past couple years. However, I think at this point we can pretty much call him the Lebron James of the Rap Game. An egregious comment? Maybe, but what we cannot deny is that love him or hate him. Drake has a talent unmatched by nearly everyone else. Drake has implanted his name in the rap game for the last handful of years, with his previous mixtapes and of course his last album, Take Care.

“Nothing Was The Same” is quite simply put, a masterpiece. Its’ blending of so many different sounds and samples, matched with the many different vocal ranges that Drake provides really displays the true talent he possesses. What I think makes NWTS so amazing, is a perfect mix of both Drake’s singing and his rapping. Everyone loves hating on Drake for this, however with the rest of the album, it’s pretty difficult to say that he doesn’t go hard. (Song that best describes this: Furthest Thing) Songs like “Worst Behavior”, “Poundcake”, which has a phenomenal verse from HOV, and “Too Much” all pack heat. I easily think that this is the best LP from a rapper this year. Yes, I’m aware that Kendrick, Kanye, and Jay-Z all had albums come out this year. I highly encourage a deep listen to this album. Although a quick skim will suffice to a listener’s ear, Drake’s true genius is shown throughout the flow of the whole album. Make sure to buy the album tomorrow when it releases.

Dshaq’s top tracks:

Furthest Thing
The Language
Poundcake/Paris Morton Music
Too Much

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