DOSVEC – Die Young

Posted by on October 9, 2012

DOSVEC has teamed up with sunglass manufacturer, Head Bro, to do the unthinkable; put Ke$ha on a Deadmau5 track. Beware folks, you’re either going to love this one or hate it. Sound off in the comments section to tell us how you feel about this one.

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  • Viraj

    Don’t like it. Superficially sounds ok, but there’s a major disconnect between the ethos of Die Young and that of the Mau5. Partying like it’s the last night of your life vs. a much deeper, emotionally powerful song inspired from a dark piece of literature.

    DOSVEC is usually great, I think this was a strange direction to take.

  • TdB

    ^ this
    There are bits that don’t sound dissonant.. but you can tell the vocals weren’t meant to sit over the Deadmau5 melody and it kinda irks my ears.

  • Kesha belongs nowhere near a track like The Veldt. It’s like having Kid Rock sing while Metallica plays in the background.

  • Hon Jolsinger

    The vocals should’ve been pitched down, I think. There’s definitely dissonance not only in the notes, but in the mood of the instrumental and the vocals. Which is a shame, because jamming to “Die Young” is a guilty pleasure of mine.

  • Mr Waldo

    It would help if he used a CDQ version of her vocals and not a radio or youtube rip