Jaytech – Multiverse (Album Review)

Posted by on August 15, 2012

Jaytech is a producer whose sound is always unique and fresh. He is in the class of producers who take aspects of trance, house, progressive, tech and mix them into a unique blend that becomes their own individual sound. After releasing his first artist album “Everything Is Ok” back on 2008 on Anjunadeep, Jaytech takes his talents to the flagship label of Above & Beyond and gets his new album “Multiverse” released on Anjunabeats, showing not only his growth as an artist, but also the growth and inclusiveness of different styles of the label as well.

The title of this album is really perfect because it is “Multiversal” in sound and style from song to song, always keeping the listener on their toes with his funky grooves, techy baselines, trancy top lines and emotive vocals. The album starts with a housey track “Everglade” with Seranade on the vocals that gets Jaytech’s second album effort started with a bang. It commences right of the bat with a chugging bass line, while introducing the vocal bits, smooth strings and subtle synth chords giving this track groovy, yet melodic properties. “New Vibe” is the only previously released track on the album and while I think he could have included “Echo” from the two track EP including both songs, “New Vibe” is superb choice showing the prowess of Jaytech with the more trance side of his productions. Click the jump to read more and then start listening if you haven’t already.

“Rabbit Raiders” and “Epsilon” are the most upbeat instrumentals on the album. They have a trancey twang to them with fast, upbeat bass lines, chopped vocal bits, pitched synth chord progressions with intricate layers to create complex tracks that you have to listen to more than once to really appreciate. The next couple songs are vocal tracks with Nathan Grainger on two of them. They both have a similar vibe to them, matching the vocal atmosphere provided by Nathan Grainger, while “Through The Maze” brings us back to the beginning of the album with funky bass lines and emotive vocal top lines.

The album then gets to “Diode”, a superb instrumental track that really finds a way to encompass all of Jaytech’s sound into one track. It starts with a very trancey lead of long pads and strings, then introducing a chugging bass line with subtle layers. “Dr. Device” may be the intriguing and unique track on the entire album. It almost sounds like it belongs on deadmau5 album due to the top line, but certainly carries individual sound of Jaytech with moving piano chords, a well placed vocal sample and a soundly layered bass line.

We then pass through “Stranger“, the single released a few weeks ago, as well as the uplifting, piano driven title track of the album, “Multiverse” as get to the last few tracks of the album. “Blue Ocean” and “Coda” finish the album on a more thoughtful note with softer synths and meaningful lyrics from Melody Gough on “Blue Ocean” and long pads and emotive strings creating a spacey atmosphere on “Coda”.

As the last note, the last pluck from “Coda” softly caresses our ears and fades into the space around us, we are only left to wonder — where did all the time go Jaytech? Why did this musical journey have to come to a halt? There must be more you wish to share with us. Alas, all good things must come to an end and “Multiverse” is one of those things. This album is like a great movie, you will experience something new every time. If you had been smart enough to put the album on repeat your thoughts would have been interrupted by the chugging beats of “Everglade”, if not, you are left to contemplate Jaytech’s most complete most work to date.

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