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Posted by on July 17, 2012

Trance Family, we are back. It has been too long since I have done a Trance Tuesday post and I will make it up to you with songs that many of you trance addicts probably already have, but these are must haves for your library anyway. It took a hiatus with us going legit, but this section just had to come back and though it may not be weekly, trance will be here to stay at FNT. This post will be massive so be sure to hit check out the full post for some free tracks. Also will be a part with a few lesser known songs from the past couple months that may have slipped under the radar in your search for the best trance around.

Let’s start things off with some remixes of Armin van Buuren tracks “Suddenly Summer” and “J’ai Envie De Toi”. Argentinian duo, Heatbeat and California duo Norin & Rad (whom you will be seeing at Electric Zoo) bring their styles to this incredible vocal track from the legend himself. Heatbeat brings their hard, high energy, electro trance style to the remix, while Norin & Rad are more delicate with their approach to the synth work and the builds, though they do add a bite to it, much like Heatbeat.

Armin van Buuren – Suddenly Summer (Remixes): Beatport || iTunes || Spotify

Armin just released the remixes for his massive single under his Gaia moniker “J’ai Envie de Toi” with the rising star Tom Fall making the premier remix on the package, supported by Armin himself and played out at events such as EDC LV. While there is still something special about what Armin does with the original in all its trancey goodness, Tom Fall makes this song something that would force even the biggest trance purist to start dancing. Protoculture puts a more traditional trance spin on the track, slowing it down just a tad and mixing up the melody a bit.


Lets continue on with Heatbeat’s chart topping two sided EP, Extra Bacon (always a good idea) / Chowmein, which follows up their previous chart topping two song EP Rocker Monster / Arganda. Rocker Monster really broke them onto the scene and may be the most played trance song this year, up there with “The Fusion” and “Concrete Angel”. “Chowmein” has the potential to do the same, gracing the sets of all the big trance DJs as a high energy set starter with “Extra Bacon” just another great track added in, exemplifying their electro / trance sound that has become so popular and powerful in live sets.

Heatbeat – Chowmein / Extra Bacon: Beatport || iTunes || Spotify

Norin & Rad continue their very successful year with a change of pace by releasing on Enhanced Recordings, instead of Anjunabeats, with their new single “Retrograde”. Norin & Rad start off with a trancey build of emotional violin & piano melodies as the song evolves into a more progressive track with a euphoric drop of uplifting synth chords.

Beatport: Norin & Rad – Retrograde

American duo Tritonal are rapidly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with within a genre that is still largely dominated by Europe. Their unique, dynamic sound is on full display in their latest track, “Azuca,” which is light and energetic and keeps things fresh with chopped vocals and unexpected chord combinations.

Beatport: Tritonal – Azuca

Markus Schulz is one of the trance greats with his unique Unicorn slaying style of trance that encompasses fast basslines and unique, hard synth chords, often with female vocal accompaniment. “Caught” is no different and while the original is a great track, the two remixes from Tritonal and Duderstadt take it to a whole new level. Tritonal adds a new synth chord progression to the track making it a bit more melodic as well a pitched stop giving the song a little more bite, making it more of a full body trance track. They have been on fire lately so be sure to watch for further releases from them. It has become apparent over the past year or so that Duderstadt is one of the best trance remixers out there and just does not make bad songs. They add a bit more of a progressive flare to the track that works very well with the original melody and especially the vocals from Adina Butar.

Markus Schulz Feat. Adina Butar – Caught (Original + Remixes): Beatport || iTunes || Spotify

Now some of the free tracks I promised. Here is a two track giveaway from the super talented Andrew Bayer (also will be at Electric Zoo) from back in April with two very relaxed percussion and string based tracks. Get them on his Facebook.
Here is another from New Jersey native DJ Eco, who brings his unique, eclectic style to this free track with a fast paced bass line and a complex, varied melody.
Download: DJ Eco – Mental Hygiene

In Case You Missed:

Beatport: Mark Eteson & Meredith Call – Together (Duderstadt Remix)

Beatport: Neev Kennedy – The Unknown (DNS Project Extended)

Rick Mitchells & Bas Van Essen – Raptor: Beatport || iTunes || Spotify