Nervo & Norman Doray @ Pacha NYC 6/16

Posted by on June 26, 2012

Though this was 10 days ago, the memory is still quite vivid at the Nervo sister’s ability to manipulate the crowd and Norman Doray’s mastery behind the decks. I was unable to head into the area behind the dj booth as I was 96 hours away from my 21st birthday, but sometimes being in the crowd is just as good being able to share all the energy of the music with your fellow music lovers. Nervo stepped onto the decks at around 1pm after a solid opening tech set from the resident Dj at Pacha getting the crowd at a fever pitch of anticipation for the Aussie twins. They started off their set with some different tracks than your typical top 40 beatport rotation, which was very interesting and refreshing to hear. They then transitioned from these tracks as the clock moved towards 1:45 with their upcoming hit single with Hook N Sling – Reason (video below) that is a going to be huge when it releases.

Then they started to pick up the pace with their set, getting into their progressive sound with their tracks the Hook N Sling remix of “We’re All No One” and their collaboration with Steve Aoki and Afrojack on the Tomorrowland Anthem. Tommy Trash made a surprise visit to support his compatriots, which brought the crowd to a frenzy and the Nervo twins obliged by dropping his remix of “Wicked Woman”. Tommy Trash was a ball of energy in the Dj booth, but let the Nervo twins have their night as they continued to churn out hits with tracks like “Trio” and then more unreleased tracks such as “Like Home” with Nicky Romero (video below) and their famed song with Omarion “Army” (video at end in 2 parts). They finally relinquished the decks at around 3am, leaving the crowd sweating and wanting more, but it was time for the French up and comer, Norman Doray to show us what he was made of. Check out the rest after the jump.

Norman Doray made a strong impression on me from the get go when he first touched the decks as he was incredibly busy working on several CDJs, mixing incredibly efficiently and skillfully, which has become somewhat of a lost art. He played a darker more clubby set than his more uplifting, progressive sound, but it was a fine way to end the night with some skillfully crafted bootlegs and some hard hitting dance floor tracks meant for the live venue. He did play “In My Mind” to provide some alternative energy to his set, but stayed true to more of a European form and played a more traditional club set that was appreciated by the seasoned Pacha crowd. Check out a preview below of his upcoming track with Eddie Thoneick “Celcius” releasing July 23rd on Size Records. Norman Doray is touring the US now so head to his Facebook page to see the dates.

Nervo ft Omarion – Army video clips
Part 1

Part 2

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