DnB Fridays

Posted by on June 8, 2012


Tantrum Desire back at it again already after just releasing their “Get With It / Reach VIP” EP. Seems as though Rusko is planning on releasing a remix EP for, what I felt was one of his best tracks on his album, “Thunder”.  Really looking forward to seeing who else has a remix for this track. 2DB seem to be hard at work after releasing an EP only a month ago, now set to release one on Sunday. This EP is no joke featuring some heavy hitting DnB as well as some melodic masterpieces. They completely innovated their sounds from their last EP making it seem as though it is not even the same people producing this EP.

Hot damn, InfraRed Music is cranking out some monster tunes from all of their artist. Rewind, set to release this two track EP on June 18th with one vivacious DnB track and an exhilarating dubstep track like nothing I have ever heard. Words can not describe the excitement I have waiting for this release. InfraRed has made its way to the top of my list for favorite DnB labels. Everyone should check them out on Facebook HERE.

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