Adventure Club feat. Krewella – Rise & Fall + Krewella Debut EP Announced

Posted by on May 31, 2012

It’s safe to say that Adventure Club has crushed it this week. First they brought us “Wait”, a track which I think we can all agree is absolutely killer, but since that apparently wasn’t enough they’ve now teamed up with the talented ladies (and gentleman) of Krewella to take us on another gripping musical journey. “Rise & Fall” starts out with a slow, melodic piano riff and floaty, plaintive vocals before abruptly changing course and slamming right into a heavy, visceral drop. They build skillfully on the early tension as the track progresses, ultimately driving the synths to a positively fierce crescendo in the song’s concluding moments. No two ways about it; this is a must download. Keep an eye out for Adventure Club this summer if you’re planning on hitting the festival circuit.





Krewella EP Announcement

Krewella has also taken time today to announce the release of their debut EP, “Play Hard.” The video above actually plays a snippet of the title track. The trio has done a lot of great work in the past and I’m sure that this EP will be just as awesome as everything we’ve seen from them to date. “Play Hard” is officially set for an exclusive Beatport release on June 18th.

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