Fame Or Juliet- No Tears

Posted by on May 24, 2012

“Trying to sell cable to keep us from an eviction, I say poverty’s a sickness my musics the cure to fix it.”

I rarely get personal here, because at the end of the day, nobody cares about how you feel on a music blog. People come to download, not read about your feelings. This blog game has admittedly made me jaded, as I’m rarely touched by 99% of the submissions I’m sent. Then there is Fame of Juliet, who are the 1% who keep me answering e-mails and looking for that diamond in the rough.

Their message, however, is anything but elitist, favoring a relatable approach that has Boston buzzing, and understandably so, as “No Tears” recently saw radio play on the city’s biggest radio station Jamn94.5. In fact, just last August, Fame or Juliet opened up for independent phenomenon Mac Miller, to a crowd of 40,000. In the coming weeks Fame Or Juliet plan on releasing their highly anticipated “Dreams of Reality” that I predict will elevate them to a new musical stratosphere. Follow Fame of Juliet on their journey below!


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