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Posted by on May 24, 2012

Finally, after a much anticpated wait, Eric Prydz has released his first artist album, a three disc anthology called Eric Prydz Presents Pryda and it is INCREDIBLE, a solid 5/5. The first disc is a collection of unreleased tracks & the second and third discs are retrospective mixes which mix together past hits and b-sides. While the first CD emphasizes his progressive roots, it shows the marked change from the beginning of Prydz’s career. His massive 2004 hit “Call On Me” (which had an awesome music video, check that below) initially projected him into the club scene.
Call On Me
Starting in the same scene as Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello and Axwell (collectively known as Swedish House Mafia currently), he soon made his own path under the monikers Cirez D for his hard-hitting techno tracks and Pryda for his Progressive club bombs. Over his ten year career, Pryda has nailed down his impeccable producing style, and it is seen in every track he makes. Grab this release on ITUNES, BEATPORT, or SPOTIFY. Now to the actual music, let’s do a track by track review after the jump.

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Tracklist: (with my personal ratings)
Disc 1 (Unreleased Work):
1. Shadows – Light synth-work over a deep bassline (4.5/5)
2. Agag – Poignant pattern of synths over light lows (4/5)
3. Beyond 8 – Crescendoing lows and mid coalesce into a emotively charged bomb at 1:47 (4.5/5)
4. Javlar – Dynasty-esque effects, amalgamate with some dope high synths and bass at 2:00 (4/5)
5. Sunburst – Building FX work combines with some heavy-hitting bass 1 minute in (4/5)
6. Hardrock Lausanne – Integrating electro and a sci-fi-esque sounds (4/5)
7. You – Stirring lyrics merge with profound lows at the 3 minute mark (4/5)
8. SW4 (Previously Released) – Progressive House Anthem (5/5)
9. Leja – Heartwarming synths and a funky beat (4.5/5)
10. Mighty Love – Another amazing club anthem mixing moving synths and incredible bass (5/5)
11. Allein (Previously Released) – Incredible production work across the board, a definite Progressive House bomb guaranteed to make dance floors drop and touch your heart at the same time (5/5)
12. You (Interlude) – No bass here, but building mids and lows to transition in Pjanoo
13. Pjanoo (Eric’s Intro Edit) – Incredible intro from the previous song, builds into a MASSIVE Progressive Club bomb (5/5)

Disc 2 – Retrospective Mix Part 1:
1. Lesson One – Amplifying mids over a funky bassline (4/5)
2. Miami To Atlanta – Heavy electro over fantastic hard-hitting lows (4.75/5)
3. Genesis – Truly emotive synth work over pungent bass (5/5)
4. Rakfunk – Funky, fantastic synth work over some deep, electro bass (5/5)
5. Europa – The clap is emphasized and some dark synths work the bass (4/5)
6. Aftermath (Eric Prydz Edit) – 14 minutes of intense EDM across the spectrum (4/5)
7. Frankfurt – Deep bass, moving synths and a building clap collide at 2:52 (4.25/5)
8. Armed – Building, teeth-gritting synth blend perfectly with some formidable bass (4.5/5)
9. Reeperbahn – Mystifying bass-lines meld with a sick clap and deep synth work (4.75/5)
10. Muranyi – Impeccable Progressive House, at the lows, mids and highs (5/5)
11. Paolo Mojo – 1983 (Eric Prydz Remix) – 11 minutes of fiery mids, heated synths and hard bass (4/5)
12. The Gift – Passionate synths over subdued auto-tuned lyrics (4/5)

Disc 3 – Retrospective Mix Part 2:
1. The End – Impassioned synths with deep bass (3.5/5)
2. Rymd – Compunding bass, vivid synths and touching FX work (4.25/5)
3. Waves – Incredibly passionate mids and highs with intricate bass work (4.75/5)
4. Emos – Crescendoing synths unite with building bass (4/5)
5. VIRO (Eric Prydz Intro Edit) – Light synth work dances over a small, yet tight bassline (3.75/5)
6. Glimma – Escalating hymns fuse with deep bass at the 1:46 mark (4/5)
7. Juletider – Driving bass, heavy claps and progressive synth work (4.5/5)
8. With Me – A famous synth line comes together with some booming bass at 1:01 (4/5)
9. 2Night – One of his most famous songs, this version emphasizes the synths and comes out as a Progressive masterpiece (5/5)
10. Melo (Eric Prydz Special Edit) – Gentle bass and an impassioned synth line give this song incredible punch (4/5)
11. M.S.B.O.Y – My personal favorite, an amalgamation of incredible production work across the board (5/5)
12. Mirage – An absolute Progressive House Anthem (5/5)

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