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Posted by on May 22, 2012

It is really rare that I get a submission that makes me sit back in my chair and say “wow” and 19 year old Vancouver native Moiez Babar or Moiez did just that. With a combination of uplfiting trance and moving progressive tracks, Moiez is an artist that will we will be keeping an eye on. Judging by the soundcloud plays, this is a true introduction to the world for Moiez and his deftly crafted productions, though he has had some exposure in Canada. The two originals really stood out to me with “Sparks” being more along the lines of progressive house track and “Kismet” being more of a progressive trance track. They were both submitted to Tristan Garner’s Xtra Life contest, so if you read this Mr. garner pick Moiez.

“Spark” provides thoughtful vocals with a smooth build that cascades into a break of thumping bass, vocals, and synth chords creating a hands in the air melody. “Kismet” is more trancey with a quicker trance oriented bass line, soft, thoughtful interludes, quick key play with long synth chords and a driving bass line in the drop. The remixes are not to overlooked as well. Though Axwell & Henrik B will always remain kings for their remode on “Teenage Crime”, Moiez delivers a solid take on it. “Flashback” keeps much of the original melody, though he distorts it some to create a more fluid synth melody, while utilizing those very recognizable vocals. “Till Tonight” may be the best one, though it takes a while to reach the break. Also included is a teaser of his “Let’s Go” remix, which is being featured in the Beatport contest. If you like what you hear there, follow the link below and listen to the whole thing on the Beatport page and vote for it there. Check out his soundcloud for more tracks that range from trance to dubstep. Some of the tracks mentioned included after the jump.

Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo – Let’s Go (Moiez Remix) – Beatport Contest Link

Usher – Climax (Moiez’s EDM Remix) – Indaba Music Contest Link

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