Beau Young Prince – Dream Catcher (Mini-Mixtape)

Posted by on May 14, 2012

After a brief hiatus from the making of good music, actually, let’s call it a hibernation. Beau Young Prince has returned with a vengeance. Recognizing that he’s been off his game, Beau took the necessary steps to get back on track with this mini-mixtape. Although the tape is only six songs deep, it features Beau showing off some serious versatility. He tackles some faster paced beats, keeping up with the higher tempo with ease. And flows over the chill, slower beats without missing a beat. Admittedly, one track, Wild Things Are, I have no idea what the hell is going on with, but it’s a pretty cool beat.

I found it interesting that Beau named the tape Dream Catcher, because after his lack of quality music in the past few months, it shows me that he’s back, and dedicated to the dream that so many artists are vying for. You. All artists are out to gain fans, because they know that they’re the ultimate key to their success, and Beau knows that he’s been off his game, but he’s back. Last night, I asked Beau why he chose a bed for the cover, and he said because that’s where dreams occurred, and he really liked the image his guy brought him.

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