Dylan Owen feat. Kinetics – In The Corner (Video)

Posted by on May 13, 2012

“I stayed up all night every night this summer, cause’ I only got one love like Tim Sommers.”

A new star has been born in the blogosphere, his name is Dylan Owen, and he’s systematically putting the village of Goshen, New York on the map. Following the release of his critically acclaimed, “Keep Your Friends Close EP,” his new single “In The Corner” featuring Grammy nominated Kinetics is as palpable as it is impressive, displaying a lyrical prowess that is seldom seen in the blogosphere. Directed by the infamous Jon Kilmer, the visuals invoke feelings of deep brooding catharsis as Dylan and Kinetics rapidly exchange cerebral verses on hallowed grounds. As the video comes to a close, Dylan stands in solidarity with an array of supporters and fans from all walks of life, suggesting the power of Dylan’s music to transcend creed, color, and background.