DnB Saturdays

Posted by on May 12, 2012

Summer has begun (well at least for me) and that means festivals and music all day everyday. Not being able to post for almost a week because of finals was driving me crazy, so this is the first post of many. Xilent has slowly climbed up my chart of favorites near the top with his melodic yet bass bumping Dnb and Dubstep. Being released on Tuesday is his newest EP “UltraFunk” with some promising tracks, incuding this amazing monstrous original DnB track entitled Do It. Great stuff from Audio Porn Records; they wont be disappointed with this one at all. The next and last preview was sent to us from our friends over at InfraRed music providing us with nothing short of the best in Dnb. Rewind dropping a new track that is heavy on the bass and the perfect secret weapon for destroying any crowd. The track should be releasing within the next month so stay tuned for more information on its release.

This has to be one of the best free giveaways in the past month thanks to Loadstar. These guys are masters of Dnb, and they gave the fans this nice little two track EP. Second Skin just absolutely melted my face off when I heard and I just can’t stop jamming to the sick basslines. Don’t pass up on these or else you will regret it.

Drumsound and Bassline Smith being kind enough to grace us with a freebie this week as well. Really interesting melody choice for this track, nevertheless is still goes hard. These guys are bringing the bass as well and also the crazy synth sounds. Amazing progression of instrumentsx through the track as well.

Read on for the rest of the free downloads!

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