Paul van Dyk Signed Album & Poster Giveaway

Posted by on April 1, 2012

We are teaming up with Paul van Dyk and his people to give away a free signed copy and signed poster (as seen above) of his upcoming artist album “Evolution”, set to release April 3rd. This is his 6th studio album and his first since 2007. This is an album you will not want to miss out on with 2 collaborations with Arty, including a trancey Drum N’ Bass track that blows your mind and Paul van Dyk’s signature female vocal anthems. To win this wonderful prize you can do one of two things.
Option 1: Comment on this post why you should win the signed CD & poster.
Option 2: Like both FreshNewTracks & Paul van Dyk on Facebook & then create a post that tags both of them and mentions the giveaway.
Winner will be announced April 3rd.

Also check out Paul van Dyk’s latest single “Everywhere” from the album. It is slightly slower than the normal Paul van Dyk but with excellent male vocals from Fieldwork, this defiantly something to check out. Make sure you have his other singles “Verano” & “The Ocean“, one of his collaborations with Arty.

Paul van Dyk – Everywhere – iTunes Link

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  • Brian Heist

    I think I should get the CD and poster because I’ve been listening to Paul Van Dyk for like, 5 years, I’ve seen him live 3 times, and I think his music is amazing. The feeling behind his music is the stuff that makes trance music as beautiful and brilliant as it is.

  • Btakidin

    I think I should win because my favorite song ever is “Nothing But You” by Paul Van Dyk and I own the original vinyl, his CD and poster would be another great addition to my collection (:

  • Louis Egnatovich

    I think I should be able to get the CD and Poster because I am a huge huge fan of Paul Van Dyk’s work his music is absolutely amazing works of art. Verano amazing song Paul Van Dyk is one of the reasons why I even got into Trance in the first place.

  • Brad

    I know I should get this awesome signed stuff because it would be really really awesome. PVD is the man and its always been a dream of mine to see him live

  • I’d love to get this because PVD has been such an influential producer in the House and EDM scene. It’d be awesome to get my hands on some more of his work, and the poster sounds ok too, haha.

  • Soko

    A couple months ago, I was looking through some of my old CD’s that were dated around the early 2000s. I came across an old Disc of PVD mixing at Webster hall in 2004ish. He must have been on tour for his new album (?) called reflections. I put the cd into my old boombox and it was hands down one of the best finds that somehow got lost in my room.

    And it goes to show that even though those songs are damn near close to a decade old at this point, GOOD music will always be current. (see Led Zeppelin). and PVD is no exception.

  • Middy

    I hope you all are using your real email for this (unless you are the guy who singed in, you are cool) because that is the only way i can contact you through to announce a winner.

  • Tyler C

    I don’t any crazy obscure Paul van Dyke related stories that make me worthy of the poster/cd, just a love of trance and solid amount of his work in my music library. BUT I am in the army, and giving stuff to men in uniform is always a win-win. And if you give it to me I will get some photos of me jumping out of plane wearing FNT gear.

    Either way you guys are awesome for doing this.

  • T

    I should win because I introduced you to Trance and because I love Paul van Dyk

  • Scott Nicks

    I love trance and PvD is THE MAN!! This would make a lovely addition to my collection. Plus, I think you need to show some love to the biggest trance fan in SpoVegas, Washington.

  • Ryan Bassinger

    Yeah ummmm I think I should get it because I like his music. Thanks

  • Makoto

    Hey, I’d love to get it because I’m young and pretty new to the trance scene, and I want to get to live what the older trance fans have lived, experiencing the PvD experience! Thanks!

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