Noisia – Split the Atom (Special Edition)

Posted by on February 29, 2012

I don’t know where to even begin with Noisia’s latest massive album release. This is easily one of the biggest releases of the year by far with remixes from many of the big names across EDM. I had to take a few days to listen to each track multiple times to actually realize the quality of each and every remix. Starting from Kito’s highly anticipated Split The Atom remix which is amazing in so many aspects. To Kill The Noise’s vicious DnB remix of Diplodocus which even caught Deadmau5 off guard. This track got 80,000+ plays in 12 hours; that is extraordinary. One remix that I think isn’t receiving the respect is should is, Munchi’s Tommy’s Theme remix. Munchi takes this well orchestrated track from Noisia, and almost creates a new genre of music through this one remix. In a recent interview I saw Munchi talking about how he has been tampering with a new genre entitled Skull-step, but wasn’t ready to actually make a track in the genre yet. Well I would have to say if there was any track on this album that came close to sounding evil or skull like, it would have to be this one. How can anyone forget 16 bit’s remix that has been on everyones waiting list for over a year now. I don’t want to go through all the remixes and talk about how amazing and unique they are because that would take me all day. I recommend everyone listen through each track, because I am almost certain there is something in there to appeal to everyone.

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The Album is on pages 3 and 4.


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