Skrillex Bangarang EP

Posted by on December 23, 2011

The long gruesome wait for new material from Skrillex is finally over. The Bangarang EP has finally released, and although it doesn’t have all the tracks most people were looking for including myself, it is better than nothing. The worst part was finding out that Summit was actually the track everyone thought was called “Breathe”. I felt that “Right On Time” was just a track to take up space, because it was just an overall terrible track in my opinion. At one point throughout the track I felt like I should be doing the Melbourne shuffle, until the BPM finally changed in the middle of the track.

Kyoto is the track that stands out to me most as the top track for this EP. Although the many versions of Ruffneck Bass were leaked well in advance of their releases, this version blew them all out of the water. Devil’s Den was something different, and Wolfgang Gartner’s style could be seen through this track. I can’t blame Skrillex for putting these tracks out seeing as he just completed over 300+ shows in a year and managed his own label, but hopefully the next EP shows us why he was nominated for five Grammy awards. Here is the link to grab it on BEATPORT.


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