Halloween Done Right; Document One, Tim Ismag, Popeska

Posted by on October 31, 2011

Get ready to send those trick-or-treaters running with these bass driven bangers. Document One’s new EP “Tainted Dub” caught me completely off guard. When Borgore previewed these tracks in his Daily Dose of Dubstep, on BBC, nothing caught my attention. After giving it a another chance, I can see I was completely wrong. Tim Ismag is another name dubstep fans are going to be hearing more of very soon. Many big names are giving this guy support and I can see why. Popeska has come out of nowhere releasing banger after banger. In one of his track descriptions he writes “just messing around”. If he is just messing around on these tracks I can not wait to see what happens when he starts trying.

DOWNLOAD: Document One – Tears

DOWNLOAD: Document One – Ace In The Pack

DOWNLOAD: Tim Ismag – The Rock (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD: Tim Ismag – Raw Disco (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD: Popeska – We Can Dance

DOWNLOAD: Popeska – Lololololol


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