SebastiAn – Love In Motion (Skrillex Remix)

Posted by on September 12, 2011

I have to give a huge shoutout to Sev, without him you wouldn’ have this now. Say, “Thank You Sev”…..ok now to this amazing remix. Everyone thought the first leak from Skrillex was going to Voltage, well it’s obviously not, but seriously are tracks like this so bad. Skrillex really is incredible, there isn’t anything from him I don’t like. This remix shows that he is more than just a heavy dubstep producer. He is versitile, and creative. Stolen laptop or not, Skrillex is in it to win it. No idea when his new Album releases, but it will be incredible.

DOWNLOAD: SebastiAn – Love In Motion Ft. Mayer Hawthorne (Skrillex’s Funkt-Out Mix)

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  • Kam

    Seems like Skrillex’s stuff is starting to sound predictable. He keeps using alot of the same sounds and motifs. I know some of that stuff is his “signature” synths and whatnot, but he’s an innovator and he needs to keep pushing the envelope of the genre rather than doing the same old monster growl in every track.

  • Mach

    Creativity in music these days because of how much music exists is not about wether or not you use the same sounds but to how you use those sounds

  • Blakesurf

    I feel like his original sound is an innovation in itself, but that’s just me?

  • Josh_loves_life

    Awesome music, really.:)
    Thanks for this. Great quality d/l.

    ps: I LIKE THIS website! lol. Will follow.