Now Offering Direct Downloads

Posted by on August 31, 2011

Yup you read that correctly, as the title says, we’ve switched to direct downloads. What does that mean? Well you no longer have to navigate away from FNT and deal with silly ads to get your tracks. You simply need to click the blue hyperlink after the “DOWNLOAD:” and boom the download starts. And since we are dedicating this post to technical things, I’m going to take this opportunity to STRONGLY encourage you to get Google Chrome – it’s fast, compatible, and beats out other web browsers like Firefox, Safari, etc. Download it – HERE.

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  • Asf


  • Hjdsakjlsdjk

    a little late

  • Guest

    funny you mention that. i use chrome for all my internet browsing needs EXCEPT for visiting this site. For whatever reason i’ve found that chrome can’t handle this site nearly as well as firefox or even safari.


    Wow that is shocking, I’m sorry… We are working on some drastic improvements so hopefully things will run even smoother in the near future.

  • Elbeatz

    try chrome with adblock and hover zoom addons! it will crash on your site 😀

  • T

    C’mon you guys are smarter than this, now you are liable for directly hosting copyright infringing material as opposed to just linking to it. I would suggest you seriously reconsider direct downloads or it could easily be the demise of this great site.

  • thought this was a good site..

    I AM DONE VISITING THIS SITE. I rather listen to the song AND THEN download it if I LIKE it.. You guys are not as smart as I once thought.. Way to go now I am going to encourage people to leave because we are forced to waste our hard drive space then delete the files from the computer into the recycle bin. FUCK YOU GUYS!!! I visisted this site for YEARS but not your stupid and ruin a good site.