Lil Wayne ft. Jadakiss & Drake – It’s Good (Jay-Z Diss)

Posted by on August 24, 2011

The above video gives insight into what supposedly instigated this whole diss track. I think anybody who has the slightest bit of business acumen will chuckle when they watch this video of Birdman claiming that he’ll be a billionaire one day. If Jay-Z hasn’t done it yet, Birdman most definitely won’t. Period. Even so, this is besides the point. This diss track is yet another leak off Wayne’s The Carter IV, which will be out for digital download right after the MTV VMA’s this Sunday. If there is one thing that confuses me about this track it’s the Drake feature. Diehard Drake fans will surely remember Drizzy’s line in Fear, which was on So Far Gone.

“I never cried when Pac died, but I probably will when Hov does, and if my tears hold value, then I will drop one for everything he showed us.”

Drake isn’t the type to appear on a diss track, especially one directed towards Jay-Z, who at one point publicly admitted that he wished he had signed Drake. Additionally Hova praised Drake in his song Star Is Born. If there’s one surefire bet about this track its that if there isn’t already a Roc Nation – Young Money rivalry, then there is now… What do you think about this? Sound off in the comments section…

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Jadakiss – It’s Good

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  • Idonthaveanemail

    You are an idiot, do you realize that birdman basically is the one running young money? he is a business man, he already has over $400 million dollars. young money is only getting bigger and making him more money too, he is gonna be a billionaire

  • Lilnigga
  • Cstan

    first off of course i know that, i’m obviously no amateur. secondly, as Jay said in H.A.M., Baby is exaggerating his net worth. Even if he was worth the supposed 400 milli that you and him say that hes worth, he has a LONG way to go before a billi. Jay has money coming in from many more ways than baby (roc nation, rocaware, ace of spades, ect.). So the bottom line is that if Jay doesn’t have it, Baby most definitely doesn’t.