PropaneLV – Weeknd Romance (Video)

Posted by on August 2, 2011

Truthfully, I am surprised that The Weeknd hasn’t been remixed and sampled that much given the amount of hype surrounding him. I am sure that will be change very soon, actually I am quite certain that it will. Producer Chi Duly has an upcoming project coming out titled Balloons of House that will feature uptempo remixes of The Weeknd, one of which will be this remix of The Weeknd’s “The Party.”

Chi Duly also further chopped up the instrumental and gave it to PropaneLV to make a Hip Hop rendition of the remix. The hot girl in the video alone makes this song worth posting but the song is pretty sick as well. It also serves as a great introduction to PropaneLV who I can tell just from this that he is a dope emcee. He also happens to be quite the comedian on Twitter and extremely excited that Shark Week is back (check out his parody video of Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back” titled “Shark Week Back” here).

Download: PropaneLV – Weeknd Romance (Prod. by Chi Duly)
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