The Goonies – Life Of A Dreamer

Posted by on July 30, 2011

I’ve been staying away from pop music recently but I couldn’t help myself here, the video deserves some attention. As one of the most successful frat dancers in the country, second only to RealKingCurtis, I can really appreciate some of the moves this guy pulls off. With that said, I won’t be seeing this guy on any of the So You Think You Can Dance episodes that my mom “forces” me to watch, but he’s still impressive nonetheless. If you dig the track, download it below.

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DOWNLOAD:The Goonies – Life Of A Dreamer

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  • Hollyshit his moves really inspiring and amazing =).
    Loveeeee this song. they will be one day Famous they never dreamed to become,
    Really the guys are a BIIGG number. for this bizz