Posted by on March 20, 2011

Yes…yes….one more, yes. Dubstep fans, this is what you live for. Flux Pavilion, one of the elite’s in the dubstep world, finally dropped the final cut of this track. By far one of the heaviest and filthiest, yet still cleanest drops my ears have been graced by. Don’t disrepesct this gem and play it on built in computer speakers, get out your beats/bose out, turn up your home theatre system, or bump it in your car.

DOWNLOAD: Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon

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  • I’m glad to see another person that appreciates Flux Pavillon and Dubstep as much as I do.

    I recommend you checking out http://www.dubstep.nu , for more tracks. They recommend atleast three new dubstep songs a day & they also have an awesome randomization function so you can easily find new dubstep songs.

  • kooky

    another track which was posted a few weeks (months(?)) before…

  • This is the FINAL and MASTERED version, Kooky