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Posted by on January 3, 2011

Well I’ve finally given in and decided to add a smokeshow with smokeshow friends to our FNT team. When SweetE sent us her application and resume it was basically a no brainer. We are still going through the other submissions (300+) so don’t fret if you haven’t heard a word from us yet. I’m pretty excited to see what this former Seventeen Magazine employee can do for everyone. Anyways I’ll let SweetE take it from here… (Note: she will have her own alias after this post)

Fresh New Tracks lacks the glorious input of female bloggers. I’m here to provide that missing insight. I work, play and attend school in New York City. Each time my girlfriends and I go out, we hear new, sick music. From clubs and lounges, to concerts, electronic festivals and the occasional frat party…we see it all.

As most of you know, a snowpocalypse has buried New York City in that substance us New Yorkers rarely see. Thank God I’m home for the holidays, then, for as my fellow females know…walking through slush in 5 inch heels isn’t easy.
When I’m not in Manhattan, I live in Syracuse (yea, people actually live there). And as I’ve returned home for the holidays, the music that’s played while I’m out has changed.

I enjoy following which tracks, and what artists, become viral. And since I’ve returned home, I’ve noticed that Caleb Mak’s “The Joker” has, surprisingly, penetrated the playlists of my sorority-sister-girlfriends. The track, posted by FNT in November, was produced by Kanye. With 1.3 million views on Youtube, any beat this hard deserves going viral.

DOWNLOAD: Caleb Mark – The Joker (Feat. B-Eazy)

Although Deadmau5’s track featuring Neon Hitch, “I Can’t Behave Myself” was posted on FNT just one week ago, it’s blown up fast. This track’s a good one, ladies. Especially for those of us who can’t resist looking for trouble.

DOWNLOAD: Deadmau5 ft Neon Hitch – I Can’t Behave Myself

As I begin my blog-life with FNT, I hope to provide readers with a notion of which tracks have gone viral. Photos, ridiculous look-at-that-girl-who-just-fell-off-the-DJ-booth stories and female insight will also follow (including an upcoming Vegas trip).

Raise a glass, ladies..we have finally penetrated the FNT boys only family. “Oh yea we in thissss biiiitchhhh….”

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