Eddy B and Tim Gunter

Posted by on November 25, 2010

When these guys originally emailed us we weren’t blown away but when my big homey Malakaweezy sent over some hand picked tracks I realized that we’ve been neglecting a certain genre: “kick-back rap”. If you’re looking for something a little harder than your average alternative rock song but still something you can vibe to check these out. The last track isn’t by Ed and Tim but still fits with the group (oh and I love it despite a couple awkward spots). If you are digging these tracks hit up their facebook and grab their mixtape

Eddy B and Tim Gunter – Bring In The Day ft The Doors

Eddy B and Tim Gunter – Bulletproof Remix ft La Roux

Eddy B and Tim Gunter – Every Time You Go ft Ellie Goulding

Eddy B and Tim Gunter – Fall From A Cloud

New Linen – By Your Side

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