Mainstream Electro Remixes

Posted by on November 15, 2010

Fresh New Tracks took a road trip to The University of Arizona this weekend and was lucky enough to get into Pi Kappa Phi’s registered party Friday night. I’d explain how sick the party was but I think after watching the video its pretty self explanatory. Scope the FNT pink hat at 2:15, oh and the gogo dancer on stage, thats one of Tiesto’s gogo dancers…special thanks to Katz, Sam, and Riley.

Rihanna – Only Girl (Pres Polish Rumble & Escoo Remix)(4 stars)

Rihanna – Only Girl (Mixin Marc & Tony Svedja Remix)(4 stars)

Usher- More (Red One Remix)(4 stars)

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are (Skrillex BatBoi Remix)(4 stars)

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Taio Cruz – Dynamite (Mixin Marc Remix)(5 stars) GET THIS

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