Ryan Leslie Robbed In Germany

Posted by on November 1, 2010

Before I shared these recent tracks with you (none of which have resulted in his laptop being stolen) I thought I’d report on the Ryan Leslie situation. This is bad news for R-Les. I mean, really bad news. Not only does he have his personal information stored on there, he has his over the top videos, unfinished songs, and signature beats as well. Why he doesn’t have these backed up is beyond me. Anyone with a brain would know that the laptop is worth more than $20,000. Try $250,000. Regardless, I feel for Ryan. Over the top or not, nobody deserves that. At least he wasn’t robbed at gunpoint. He would have likely tried to solve some complex algorithm or offer up nude Cassie photos to deflect his aggressor.

Cortes Ellis- You Be Killin Em (Remix)

Krys Ivory- I’ll Still Be Yours

Cheyenne Tozzi ft. Ryan Leslie- Take It Slow

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