Justin Bieber’s Movie

Posted by on October 31, 2010

Justin Bieber vs MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker Baby(5 stars) great party song (previously posted)

Justin Bieber – Baby (El-P Death Remix)( 4.5 stars) Slower really cool remix, get this (previously posted)

Jewcebox edit: Biebers tracks are listenable to. Is he talented? Nope. Do Usher and engineers tune his voice to make it twice the voice it really is? Yep. Do I think he’s one of the greatest artists in the industry? Nope. Do I hate every single person (including “A”) that goes out of their way to say they hate him. Yep. Go ahead and hate on Bieber, go ahead and blame his success on the millions of young girls (and college girls and guys, whether they’ll admit it or not), but at the end of the day he makes straight hits and he’s killing it, you can’t argue that (he’s 3% of twitter). His management knows he’s a marketing machine and they utilize him to his full potential. Is he the soul of good music in todays industry? Hell no. That’s not my point by any means. Let the hate commence and the knowledgable share.

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