Pimp C ft. Rick Ross- Midnight Hoes + Interview

Posted by on September 9, 2010

Another cut off Pimp C’s upcoming album. I single posted this because I recently read an unreleased interview with Pimp C about why the radio sucks, dance music, and the effects of downloading songs off the internet. It’s literally a must read for all those who are music lovers. He’s basically speaking the gospel. He’s expressing more eloquently what I have always tried to say about the music industry. Read it here.

Pimp C ft. Rick Ross- Midnight Hoes (Tags)

Then, every region had its own playlist now everything is generic and stripped down and you got one motherfucker up somewhere in an office programming records for the whole country. Hey man, that’s not cool. People in Chicago don’t want to hear the same records that niggas playing in Texas. People in New York don’t necessarily want to hear the same record that’s playing in Vallejo, but now we getting this shit forced down our throats. Back then you could have a different number one record in every region. Remember that? That’s when rap was good because indie records could get played. You still had indie distribution that would put your shit out, you could get it done without a major. Now these motherfuckers went and bought up all the small independent distributors so they can control the whole game and if you don’t play the way they want, they try to freeze you out. Right or wrong, business is business, but it’s fucking up the music because good records don’t get out no more. Back then, we was putting out independent records and they was going number one on radio down there. Getting rotation, man. It’s no imagination anymore. You can almost close your eyes an turn on the radio in any city and you gonna hear the same 3 records played every hour. What’s fun about that, what’s exciting about that? What happened to the days when the people actually chose the records they were listening to?

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