Cee-Lo ft. 50 Cent- F*** You (Remix)

Posted by on August 22, 2010

If you haven’t noticed, 50 Cent has been uncharacteristically quiet recently. It’s been almost over a year now since he’s dropped any new music. We’ve only received random leaks here and there and to be honest, they haven’t been worth posting. In my opinion, it seems that 50 Cent has reached his musical prime. His music is no longer relevant because his “aggressive content” isn’t what appeals to the masses now. Which brings me to a point I’d like to make. There is a new genre emerging in the world of hip-hop. Those that regularly check this blog know and recognize this. Traditionalists seem to hate it, but college students around every campus in America seem to love it. This genre incorporates electronic and dubstep beats with hip-hop lyrics. Artists like Sam Adams, Mac Miller, and Na Palm are at the forefront of this movement, while up and coming artists like Paul Markham, Collin McLoughlin, and Flyrydaz are tapping into the genre and understand the growing potential it has. As a blogger, it’s my hope that Fresh New Tracks can be a small part of this emerging movement that will eventually take over radio. I truly believe it’s the wave of the future. In an interview a few months ago, 50 Cent said that he was inspired while in Europe by “electronic” music and looked to make a “dance album”. As expected, he eventually scrapped the project. I’m not trying to slam 50’s success, but even he knows that in order to stay relevant, he must evolve and tap into this growing genre. For those of you making the same “aggressive” content; the end is near. Love it or hate it, the Sam Adams’ of the world are taking over. A wise man once said, if you’re not constantly growing then you’re dying.

Cee-Lo ft.50 Cent- F*** You (Remix)

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