House | Arches – Want You

Posted by on October 1, 2014

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This is my first time hearing Arches and their new track “Want You” and I don’t know if it’s because I’m an emotional state for being a jackass this afternoon, but their latest original is giving me the chills, and is currently keep me zoned in, and focused. Off that UK garage house sound, the Belgian duo did their European counterparts justice, this is fresh as hell, it’s a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Arches – Want You

Progressive House | Danzfolk – Kanjo

Posted by on October 1, 2014

danzfolk kanjo 500x500 Danzfolk   Kanjo

Joey & Devlin are back with another barn-stormer of an original. The cinematic sound is still present throughout the track with a big, booming break, before speeding off into the bouncy drop. Synth stab come out you with the same breakneck speed as the racers who drive around the “Kanjo Loop” in Osako Japan. As per usual the duo are giving this one away for free and you will find some themed sounds throughout the tune, so make sure you grab “Kanjo” right now. Big things are coming for these guys.

Free Download: Danzfolk – Kanjo

Preview | Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

Posted by on October 1, 2014

safe image Galantis   Runaway (U & I)
With an “EDM” landscape full of similar sound acts, Galantis is a welcome breathe of fresh air. Despite their branded over-night success, they’re anything but, crafting hits well before “EDM” was a thing and you were still in high school dating cheerleaders. Last night, Galantis premiered their “Runaway (U & I) single on #BetaBPM (to much fanfare) set to release October 5th. The offering serves as the first single to their forthcoming album with no release date at the moment. Release date or not, Galantis is the next big thing in the electronic dance music space. Grab Galantis’s self-titled EP here. Seafox out.


House, Indie | Ben Sollee – Letting Go (Thomas Jack Remix)

Posted by on October 1, 2014

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Some new Thomas Jack for ya’ll, it’s been a minute that he’s dropped a remix, and I don’t blame him, travelling the world and selling out shows, can keep one busy, but after a gig in Mexico, the Aussie was inspired by the beach of Tulum to remix Ben Sollee’s “Letting Go” and the bass on this bad boy is a first for the man, but it’s infectious! I’m currently on my first listen, and I’m already anticipating running it right back, the mystery behind the sound will keep you on your toes, the percussion sounds like they were inspired by an old Mayan tribal ceremony, this is def a must listen and a must download! Also click on the jump, if you want to see Mr Jack, drink beer out of his shoe, I guess things got a little weird at his set at the Bowery Ballroom!

Free Download: Ben Sollee – Letting Go (Thomas Jack Remix)


Hip-Hop | Adam Tensta – World On Fire (produced By Mr.Carmack)

Posted by on October 1, 2014

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That’s my cool when I can’t take it off, the Swedish rapper Adam Tensta popped up on my Twitter newsfeed pushing his latest release “World On Fire” produced by Mr Carmack, and on some rude boy ish, this track is fire. Different from the Tensta sound I’ve grown to love, “80’s Baby” being my favorite, for a second I felt like he could’ve been the next Kanye, his sample game was on point, and his flow and delivery was mad refreshing, but I’m not mad at him for a darker record, it fits with the times, and it’s not lie, the world is on fire. This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Adam Tensta – World On Fire (produced By Mr.Carmack)

Mashups, Progressive House | EDX vs. Disclosure – Latch For Life (Jack Eye Jones Club Mash)

Posted by on October 1, 2014

edx EDX vs. Disclosure   Latch For Life (Jack Eye Jones Club Mash)
Few artists can pull off a quality mashup nowadays. It seems as though those times are over or, at the very least, numbered. Most of the glorious mashup DJ’s from the turn of the decade recognize this and are attempting to transition into original pieces. Sadly, few make it. However, EDX, a master of the original track trade, comes from the other side of the spectrum. Perhaps that’s why he can craft songs like “Latch For Life” and get away with it. The guy has a knack for these mashups so lend this track an ear. And for the snobby folks who refuse to consume inbred works, tune into my favorite Latch remix by Teemid.

And for good measure, my favorite Latch remix…

Chill, Pop, RnB | FNT Premiere: Greg Aram – Alone

Posted by on October 1, 2014

Greg Aram is an goldmine of raw, undiscovered talent.

His first official video release, “Alone”, paints the picture of heartbreak in the form of a somber R&B-pop ballad. While his songwriting certainly needs a little honing, the soulful voice that Aram brings to the table is reason enough to listen to “Alone”.

The video is simple, yet entrancing. A view at what the song can mean to people. Here’s what the director had to say: “We believed that the end of a relationship is a lot like being in “the club” and not the hyper exaggerated version we see on tv. Instead we show a place filled with life and color yet it is still hollow and lacks feeling. It’s a place where the ability to connect to others is gone and instead we just have individuals in a space feeling lost and broken.”

Enjoy the Greg Aram song and video, there’s plenty more on the horizon.