Albums | Dropwizz Unleashes Menacing Trap Heater ‘Burn’ On FUXWITHIT

Posted by on January 27, 2023

Toronto-based producer Dropwizz makes his return to FUXWITHIT with the powerful trap anthem ‘Burn’ on January 26th. The track serves as a follow-up to his heavy-hitting FUXWITHIT debut ‘Gulag’ off Champions Of The Underground Vol. 1. Dropwizz has been climbing the ranks in the bass scene with a slew of impressive releases on brednbutter that included the breakout ‘FOOTWORK,’ which has accumulated nearly 900,000 streams to date. ‘Burn’ elevates his signature style for an energetic and menacing banger.

Staying true to its name ‘Burn’ is assured to raise temperatures and destroy anything in its path. The opening melody is dark and wrapped in mystique. As the drums build, the vocals add a layer of catchiness while remaining gritty. The drops pack a powerful punch as mind-bending synths drift over crisp percussion and nasty bass. Stabs of brass underscore the intensity taking the track to new heights. Mixing elements of classic electronic trap with cutting-edge bass music makes ‘Burn’ a standout heater. Expect this one to set crowds ablaze. 

“Listeners will first be welcomed by a mantric melody with a hint of mystery, then progressing into an unexpected buildup which then evolves into a violent and energetic bass drop. I personally picture myself entering a dungeon where I will have to battle the final boss, doing whatever it takes to prevail victorious.”

Albums | Multi-platinum artist Harrison showcases new sound in his Perfect Havoc debut

Posted by on January 23, 2023

Via releases on labels including disco:wax and Selected, UK-artist Harrison arrives today with his debut on Perfect Havoc with new single ‘Dancing’. Infectious, deep house beats dominate this latest release in showcase of a fresher output from the Harrison studio while retaining the same energy as heard on previous productions supported by tastemakers from Meduza and Diplo to Tiesto and Vintage Culture. With skills in abundance in vocals, songwriting and DJing, as well as streaming figures in their tens of millions, Harrison is a multi platinum selling artist who’ll be right at home on the chart-topping Perfect Havoc.

A clutch of big, anthem-built records has put the multi-faceted Harrison amidst a generation of electronic music artists that have dominated dance culture for the past decade. Recent years’ successes include the release of his hit single ‘Praise You’ which stormed to a well-deserved no.1 in the Upfront Music Charts.

Further, his instantly lovable single ‘Lucid Dreams’ on Selected amassed more than 30 million streams and significant radio attention in its first few months, and his follow-up ‘Tainted love’ smashed the 20-million-streams-mark with ease. After collaborating with David Guetta on Jack Back Records, Harrison teamed up with ALOK to pay homage to Bronski Beat’s iconic classic with ‘Tell Me Why’. It was an instant hit with tastemakers, generating an enormous 40 million streams on Spotify and, in view of its massively engaged audience, secured platinum status.

Also a seasoned live performer, who’s renowned for delivering hybrid shows of DJing with live vocals, Harrison has unleashed his indomitable energy to packed out audiences everywhere from Ministry of Sound and Cream in the UK to META Music Festival in China and the World DJ Festival in South Korea.

Fans of Harrison’s music will notice a slight shift in style on his latest release as it moves away from the big room EDM sound into cooler house realms.

What’s next for Harrison in 2023 is an exciting run of tour dates and new releases as he continues to soundtrack the lives of club-goers and dance-lovers worldwide.

‘Dancing’ is another solid release for Perfect Havoc. Shortlisted for Best Independent Record Label at the 2022 Music Week Awards, Perfect Havoc’s niche of commercial dance with a smattering of the more club-focused sounds has given rise to six UK Top 20 singles including ‘Fake Friends’ by PS1 feat. Alex Hosking, and the No.1 single ‘Head & Heart’ by Joel Corry & MNEK.

Now having generated over 5 billion streams, the London-based Perfect Havoc is one of the most consistently successful indies in recent years. Keep an ear out for more releases in 2023 with cuts from PS1, Austin Millz, Freejak, Simon Field and much more lined up.

Bass | Chime And Au5 Deliver Highly Anticipated Color Bass Single, ‘The Other Side’

Posted by on January 23, 2023

British producer Chime, recently making waves with his hit single “Bring Me Back,” has teamed up with Au5 to release a new track, “The Other Side”, on Monstercat. The anticipation for this single has been high as the duo went on the road for a nationwide tour, also titled “The Other Side”, during the Spring of last year. This single showcases Chime and Au5’s unique styles, blending lush melodies and outside-the-box sound design for a cohesive and enjoyable track that is best experienced live. 

Embracing Chime’s signature style of color bass, “The Other Side” is just one of the artist’s many accomplishments. Putting out electrifying anthems on the likes of Subsidia, Ophelia, and Circus, Chime has also founded his own successful label. Known as Rushdown, this imprint has helped artists, such as Sharks, Ace Aura, and Papa Khan, take their careers to the next level. Additionally, Chime has received support from Excision, Virtual Riot, Flux Pavillion, and Doctor P, to name a few.

Chime has an extremely strong following, proven by his millions of streams and past successful tours. This year promises to be even more monumental for Chime, with fans eagerly awaiting announcements and new music.


Albums | Asher Shashaty Unveils Mystifying Future Bass Single, ‘What I Need’

Posted by on January 20, 2023

Starting out with a soothing melody, “What I Need” introduces Misdom’s uplifting vocals. This hypnotic club anthem is the optimal follow-up to Asher’s recent drop, “Urban Forest”. Both tracks foreshadow Asher’s highly anticipated upcoming album, Astral Springs. The production behind “What I Need” is invigorating and infectious, possessing the power to put its listeners under a spell. Its originality and the overall euphoric vibe are great precursors to the next phase of Asher’s musical journey.

Known for his innovative experimentation with bass music, Asher Shashaty has garnered a dedicated following throughout his career. As a gifted producer, Asher combines unique concepts, personal experiences, and cultural influences in his music to share his signature style with the world. Each one of Asher’s songs tells an incredible story beyond just the sound. This is evident in Asher’s newest single, “What I Need”, with Misdom and Strung Along. 

Having accumulated over 8 million streams on Spotify alone, Misdom is a singer, songwriter,  and producer who has worked with top-tier artists like Hekler and Ghastly. Additionally, he has opened for Mike Posner, Kesha, and delivered a memorable set at Summer Jam Myrtle Beach. The remaining part of the trio, Strung Along, is idolized for his ability to fuse components of future bass, dubstep, and trap together. Uniting on “What I Need”, these three artists create a riveting future bass instrumental. 


Posted by on January 19, 2023

Upcoming UK rapper Jetfly Multz is an artist to keep an eye on in 2023. The rising grime artist is reminiscent of Dave and Stormzy and while this is the first piece of music I’ve heard by him, I am thoroughly impressed and it surely will not be my last listen to his music. Being featured in BBC Radio 1Xtra, RinseFm, Kiss, Capital Xtra and more he keeps getting looks left and right. “I SAID WHAT I SAID” is a banger worth listening to, so check it out above now!

Albums | Denver trip-hop duo Since JulEYE collaborates with rapper/visual artist ProbCause and Emancipator/Manic Focus drummer Colby Buckler on “Fly Away”

Posted by on January 19, 2023

The Denver music scene is a tight-knit community, and the hotly-tipped trip-hop duo Since JulEYE reflect that camaraderie. Shattering genre confines with their uniquely-blended sonic stylings, Since JulEYE was born out of shared musical tastes and Denver’s warm, inclusive artistic identity. 

After initially starting as a solo project by DJ/producer/ Lev Averbakh, Since JulEYE recently added long-time collaborator and veteran keyboardist Todd Stoops (RAQ, Kung-Fu) as a permanent member. This new creative partnership has resulted in a vibrant mix of Averbakh’s bouncy hip-hop production with Stoops’ jam band sensibilities – a dynamic combination that has led to performances at Summer Camp Music Festival, Gem & Jam, Color Field, and Wavespell, where they’ve displayed their electric live sets. 

Now, Since JulEYE is revving up towards their debut album, The Dawn Of Since, a full-length project that promises to showcase its artists’ singularly aligned musical intuition. 

Listeners got their first taste of The Dawn Of Since with the LP’s lead single, “On The Scene,” a hazy, laid-back cut featuring Lettuce trumpeter and Denver hometown legend Eric “Benny” Bloom. “On The Scene” was the first track Averbakh and Stoops began together, and exemplifies how naturally their individual styles coalesce. The track was also released alongside a collaborative video with Microdose VR, a software that combines art, music, and dance into a real-time virtual experience.

Today, Since JulEYE release “Fly Away,” a psychedelic, hip-hop-infused bass track featuring rapper/visual artist ProbCause and Emancipator/Manic Focus drummer Colby Buckler. Shifting between different styles and instrumental elements on a dime, “Fly Away” showcases Since JulEYE’s acute collaborative ideas and unique genre-blending creativity.  

Fly Away” kicks off with record-scratching effects and a jittery boom-bat beat before introducing the track’s central, infectious bass melody. Then, ProbCause repeatedly sings the song’s title refrain, quietly underlying the arrangement’s deep, trunk-rattling bass tones. 

The track then takes a dramatic turn, transitioning into a section of rapid-fire breakbeats comprised of intricate electronic programming mixed in with live drumming from Buckler. Booming sub bass supplement the head-spinning beat before giving way to blazing synth chords and industrial sound design. Then, to tie it all together, ProbCause comes in with a tight, buttery verse, flowing over the instrumental with immaculate technique and wordplay. 

Expertly arranged, written, and produced, “Fly Away” portends a full-length LP with similarly vibrant, boundary-pushing experiments. 

Albums | Biosyrup Drops Mind-Bending Future Bass Single, ‘Unity’

Posted by on January 19, 2023

Hailing from Seoul in South Korea, artist Biosyrup is opening new doors across electronic music with his unique style of production. Kicking 2023 off with his single, “Unity”, Biosyrup showcases this melting pot of genres that he has cultivated over the years. “Unity” begins with a lighthearted sequence of piano that is layered with euphoric female vocals. As the track continues, melodic progressions of future bass take listeners on a mind-bending auditory journey.

Even with how impressive “Unity” is, it is far from Biosyrup’s only infectious release. Just from two of his singles, “Mist” and “Banshee”, Biosyrup has accumulated over 100K streams. This talented artist’s dedication to his craft goes hand in hand with the belief system that he follows. His overall objective is to use his music as a force to connect on a deeper level with his audience. For example, Biosyrup sees music as a vessel for a group of people to become one as they are fulfilled with the same auditory energy.

Fueled by his vision and expertise in sound design, “Unity” is the first of many projects that Biosyrup will be rolling out this year. Be on the lookout for him to deliver a stream of melodic masterpieces.