Electronic | Judah & The Lion – “Spirit” (Lamorn Remix)

Posted by on April 9, 2021

Bringing his upbeat electro chops and prowess to Judah & The Lion‘s hit single “Spirit” is breakout artist Lamorn. Putting his own exciting spin on the classic track, Lamorn’s official remix of Judah & The Lion’s “Spirit” is out now!

The track transcends the confines of a typical electronic remix and better serves as a complete reimagining of “Spirit’s” powerful messaging as told through the warm rhythms and tones of Lamorn’s creation. Captivating the listener from his soft, contemplative opening to it’s climactic, high-energy conclusion, Lamorn pushes the thematic and emotional boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of electronic remixes. 

Hip-Hop | Bella Blaq teams up with producer Epikh Pro on “Booty”

Posted by on April 9, 2021

Dynamic hip-hop artist Bella Blaq is back with a playful new music video “Booty”

Shot as though you’re watching the events unfold through a TikTok lens, Bella chose to incorporate the viewpoint through which most people consume media – through their phones. The fast-paced edits pair seamlessly with her hard-hitting lyrical delivery as Bella tells fans about the trap lifestyle. From one of the most recognized cities for rap, this Atlanta-based hip-hop artist stays true to herself as she partners up with other content creators to tell her story and most importantly, to have fun with it.

A collaboration with multi-platinum producer Epikh Pro, her new music video bounces from sensual scenes, goofy dances and real-life moments of Bella with her friends, counting her money and most of all – empowering herself. The contrast of the phone footage paired with background shots of Bella paints the true versatility of her identity.

Pop | Indie-pop duo HARLOR shows us they’re all about those “Heart Games”

Posted by on April 9, 2021

Emerging indie/folk duo HARLOR have dropped their new single “Heart Games”. The vulnerable single shares the oh-so-relatable tale of falling for someone you know it’s never going to work with. The track is ripe with sweet, sentimental lyrics carried by the stunning vocals of Nick Gerard, who tells us that the track is about real life experiences: 

The title ‘Heart Games’ is a parallel to someone playing mind games, but in this instance you know what’s going on. They’re playing with your heart, not your head. The record ebbs and flows to different places as you progress through the song. I think that’s the coolest part of this record, the growth it experiences in just a few minutes.”

Producer Max Anthony brings to life the moods of “Heart Games” with his uber-polished, yet perfectly complex production style. Marrying guitar driven instrumentals and atmospheric vocal production, “Heart Games” builds from a softer, folk-driven track, into a hard-hitting indie anthem that’s a must listen for all lovers of the genre. 
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House | Winning Team Return With Festival Anthem “Fire”

Posted by on April 9, 2021

Hailing from upnorth Finland, Winning Team was formed back in 2013 by 4 best friends who dreamt of changing dance music together, and 8 years after they are undoubtedly closer than ever to their goal. With releases on labels such as Revealed Recordings, Loca Recordings, Playbox Music, Ensis Records and Quartzo Records, Winning Team have amassed millions of collective streams on streaming platforms, a direct result of their genre-bending and energetic sound, that is capturing the attention of an ever-growing audience.

Now, marking their third original release this year, Winning Team are coming to Intensity Recordings to share “Fire,” arguably the strongest out of their latest singles. Driven by smooth keys and an infectious energy, “Fire” starts off with inspirational vocal lines as the instrumental gets more and more intense towards the drop. The climax ultimately explodes into madness, driven by huge basslines and distorted synths, making up for an undisputed festival anthem.

Hip-Hop | UFO Gets Spacey on “No Passengers”

Posted by on April 8, 2021

Chicago born and Houston raised upcoming rapper UFO delivers his most stand out offering yet in the form of his new single, “No Passengers”. The drowsy bass fueled beat features an array of synths and melodies for UFO to soar on top of lyrically. His flow reminded me a bit of early Future but with his own style. Tap in above now!

Hip-Hop | Upcoming Rapper EZYBLK returns 2nd Single

Posted by on April 4, 2021

Back with another banger, emerging UK rapper EZYBLK is back with a new single titled “Roll By”, off his forthcoming debut EP. The video (especially club scenes) reminded me of an old school mid-2000’s Nelly video, while his flow and delivery more in the vein of Skepta and other UK based grime rappers. Overall, this one is worth diving in to, so tap in to “Roll By” via EZYBLK above now.

Alternative | Psych-pop band Novacane return with nostalgic indie song “Bad Breath”

Posted by on April 4, 2021

Back from a brief musical hiatus, bandmates Dylan Latimer (singer+guitarist), Oliver Lester (bassist) and Zach Clifton (drummer) rejoin forces as psych-pop outfit, Novacane who have returned  with their latest single, “Bad Breath”. The new video and single is a pysch-meets-indie-rock jam that feels as smooth as a summertime breeze. If you’re on the look out for a new indie band to keep a tab on, definitely contemplate adding Novacane to your list!