Alternative | Bonnie Lola Drops Tasty New Single

Posted by on November 25, 2020

Bonnie Lola is an alternative rock band from Indianapolis that began as the solo project of guitarist Grady Neff with Zack Philipps on drums and Robbie Jacobs on bass, who decided to spin off his own project, blending elements of rock, indie and psychedelia. Musically, Bonnie Lola sits at the cross section of spacey melodies and gritty rock and roll. The band’s new single “Vanilla Ice Cream” is as tasty as it sounds. Get familiar with these guys, they’ve got a great sound going for them! Speaking about the new single, Grady said, “The song is about a fleeting addiction that hooks you on the first taste. You might forget over time or move on, but once you’ve had it, it will remain a memory forever.”

Alternative | Nghtfall is “Alone”

Posted by on November 22, 2020

Loving the pop punk influence through out “Alone” by Nghtfall. The emerging singer/songwriter is based in Canada and steps to his own beat. Channeling the bold style and sound direction of The 1975, “Alone” sees the artist deliver one of their most euphoric releases to date. Check out a quote from ghim on the release below, and listen to “Alone” by Nghtfall above now!

This song is about the struggle of being attracted to someone during quarantine and not being able to act on it. The sonic inspirations came from listening to old pop-punk from my childhood like Fall Out Boy, as well as newer artists like The 1975 and Phoebe Bridges.”

Hip-Hop | glvsshouse’s “Ruin My Life” A Rich Single In New ‘Era’ Of Trap-Inspired Melodic Hip-Hop

Posted by on November 21, 2020

glvsshouse evenly and undoubtedly embraces edgy elements, striking a balance between his story, his visual style, and the regular music content he surrounds his listener with. With an inspiring vocal-range and emo-leaning instrument work, “R.M.L.,” all-topped with sprinkled auto-tune aesthetics, renders something new, time-testing, and opportune in all the right ways.

New young artists are popping up by the day and, within in hip-hop, these new additions to the genre couldn’t be at a more accelerated rate globally. Point being, Hip-Hop is the the most popular genre in the world, drawing the most artist to choose to incorporate it into their recipe of regular song/release output and general expression.

Whether hip-hop and pop-genres are heading toward a kind of global singularity or this is a new/era of musicians, the music world continues to change and remain constantly curious. “R.M.L.,” stands out for many reasons, but it can also be highlighted about it’s uniqueness in comparison to the age we are in.

Who knows what the future holds, check out the single in full above.


Albums | Stockholm-based singer and songwriter Patrik Jean returns with “Consequence”

Posted by on November 20, 2020

Produced by Herman Gardarfve, Patrik Jean’s new single “Consequence” showcases more bright and soaring vibes for his music. Filled with rich and dynamic production, a sweeping melody, and his own powerful vocals, this new delight is well worth checking out, Tune in above now. Speaking about his new song, he said, “Sometimes after a bad break-up, you kind of give up on love. This song describes that feeling, and I’ve felt it a few times too many. But somehow you always come back to the day when you’re ready again. That’s the good consequence of love.

Pop, RnB | R&B/Pop Sensation Bree New Moon Stuns in Her Dynamic Debut Single “Young & Reckless”

Posted by on November 20, 2020

Celebrating the nostalgic moments of her youth, R&B/Pop artist Bree New Moon has released her highly anticipated single “Young & Reckless”. Paired with high quality visuals, the song embraces a more carefree time in her life as she transitions to the daunting responsibilities of young adulthood. What was originally supposed to involve party scenes and group gatherings was reenvisioned for a more covid-friendly piece. In the official music video, Bree reminisces the wild nights of her youth by extending a unique invitation to viewers to join her on a journey from sundown to sun-up. “I wanted to do something that people could easily connect with since we were going through such an intense period of isolation, so I thought ‘What better way than to invite people into the video itself?” says Bree.

The video begins with a text from Bree encouraging a late night escape from the intense isolation we’ve all been feeling this year. The video, shot through a lens to mimic a human eye view, follows the events that lead Bree to dancing on rooftops, swinging on playgrounds and running up the bleachers. The night grows dark again as we witness a stunning shot of Bree performing on her late father’s college football field, transporting the viewer to what feels like a stadium full of fans…another thing we’re missing in 2020. The video ends with drinks on the beach before greeting the sunrise, circling back to the beginning as we return home before being caught for sneaking out.

A true force to be reckoned with, Bree New Moon’s interests span beyond her musical talents. Invested in environmental causes, the accessibility to a better education, as well as social and economic equality, Bree also plans to use her voice and her platform to continue to raise awareness to the issues she holds close to her heart. “Young & Reckless” is one of many dynamic tracks to come as Bree New Moon firmly cements her status as an artist to watch.

Hip-Hop | Hip Hop Artist Benny Duhay Unleashes the Official Music Video for “Bubble Rap”

Posted by on November 20, 2020

While we’re all isolated in our individual bubbles this year, artists like Benny are creating more than ever before; in Benny’s case, he’s been hard at work with his lyrical skill, hence “Bubble Rap”. The energetic new track drops quickly after his debut single “Mexico” which generated over 50k Spotify streams. In “Bubble Rap” Benny keeps things ‘poppin’ with lyrical versatility and potent punchlines from beginning to end.

The buoyant dynamics on the track give fans a high energy bounce that means business. Unlike “Mexico” which had a laid back summertime vibe, “Bubble Rap” introduces a new side to Benny that stands up to the most talented lyricists in the game. Shot at home during quarantine, Benny does a perfect job of communicating that extreme sense of boredom we’ve all been feeling during covid. The cool color palette as a backdrop, Benny crosses off days on the calendar in between vodka swigs and a frustration that his electronics don’t seem to work.

The solitude of 2020 might be best demonstrated during a scene where Benny plays beer pong against himself. Stuck in his own personal bubble, Benny still manages to find the inspiration to write and with that, come the lyrical stylings of “Bubble Rap”.

Influenced by artists like Kanye West, Drake, Lupe Fiasco and Eminmen, Benny’s style offers a brilliant balance of skill and good vibes. Interestingly enough, as a first generation immigrant from Tel Aviv, English was not Benny’s first language. Not knowing that one day he’d join the ranks of lyrical masterminds, he conveniently picked it up rather quickly. Now a resident of the City of Angels, Benny plans to round out 2020 with several releases, hoping to stay creative throughout the unknowns and turbulence that this year has brought the world.

Hip-Hop, Pop | Boston’s Gillian Heidi and Michael Christmas Collab on New Single

Posted by on November 19, 2020

Rising pop singer-songwriter Gillian Heidi is revealing her new single, “wonderin’ (ft. Michael Christmas),” out today on all streaming platforms. Beyond The Stage initially premiered the single a few weeks back and described the collaboration as “a hint of Billie Eilish meets Halsey.” Inspired by the buzzing local music scene in her hometown of Boston, MA, Heidi tapped fellow Bostonian Michael Christmas for her new single. ”I’ve actually been a fan of Michael [Christmas] for a while,” Heidi writes, “I absolutely love his style and how creative it is.” Christmas’ buoyant, playful rap verse brings an exciting and unexpected element to Heidi’s melancholic dark-pop stylings on “wonderin’,” a song that tackles relationship insecurity.