Bass | O Cinnedi Releases ‘Pride’ As 7 Deadly Sins Theme is Kicked Off

Posted by on March 3, 2021

Canadian-based female DJ/producer O Cinnedi knows how to put together a host of content to make a greater whole. Her 7 Deadly Sins saga will come equipped with music videos mixed in. Alongside visual/audio elements that are soon to be revealed, “Pride,” is just the start of a fascinating ride.

As the first single reveals, trap / bass / melodic bass are playing out to be the hallmarks of this experience.

A bass -inspired flow, plenty of wubs throughout, and her own personal zest mixed in there, this is one single to get excited about for a multitude or reasons.

Far from mainstream, coming from the heart, and stone-hold, in-your-face aesthetics intact, O Cinnedi is on to something here.

Videos | Sapra Makes Global EDM Connection With Warm Music Video “Always On My Mind”

Posted by on February 27, 2021

Sapra has a clearly broke ground in the east, but like many electronic artists we see today, is gradually bleeding into the western stratosphere through various means and methods. With that, a welcome reception would be a reasonable dictation as to what Sapra has contributed.

Sapra’s “Always On My Mind,” never stops at the half way point by any means. From the camera choice to aspects like the vision of even the director of photography, to all the parts working together in harmony – Sapra did it right when it comes to what the pillars should be of an outstanding and well-received music video.

With fans seemingly coming back again and again, “Always On My Mind,” is sticking to listeners for a variety of reasons.

Check out Sapra’s Youtube channel for more creative and insightful uploads like this.

Drum & Bass | Sekai & Miyoki’s DNB Release Scores Big With Fast-Moving “Vengeance”

Posted by on February 27, 2021

Look no further if montage making dnb is something that you’re in for. “Vengeance,” has feisty energy that snaps the mind into a different mode. The upbeat and driving nature going full force catapults the elated vocal spirit that Miyoki lays down. The two parts are certainly meant to be as well as make up a great whole exponentially.

The good natured and uplifting escapade comes to a close as what has just been dawned upon you sinks in.

Both Sekai & Miyoki have worked with plenty of other artists in a variety of different popular music spaces as well as released on several labels over the years. Having brought that common ground together here, something special was born in “Vengeance.”


Dance, Electronic | Toniia & Geena Fontanella Let You Know What They’re Thinking In Dance-Themed ‘Psychic’

Posted by on February 27, 2021

Sing-along abilities and an overall infectious pop feel that near-involuntarily grab the notice of those is traps are fantastic traits that hundreds of songwriters/producers would be pleased to have built into the music. “Psychic” is undoubtedly infused with this and more thanks to the work of both Toniia & Geena Fontanella, a clear match that was meant to be.

Geena Fontanella has garnered her experience as a musician from a multitude of areas, including continuous releases with artists as she leads here voice and writing skills to this feat, while playing shows globally – including at Cafe (Los Angeles, CA), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), The Crocodile (Seattle, WA), The Vanguard (Tulsa, OK), The Sound Lounge (London, UK), and the International Indie Music Festival (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Toniia has brought about a sound that in 2021 can be distinctly noticed and picked out. His discography gives uniformity to who he is sonically and what directive/theme should be sensed through these channels. Attach this to the millions and millions who have heard his music and that start’s off getting to know Toniia.

Chill, Electronic | juuku Pushes The Boundaries on “Leaving”

Posted by on February 27, 2021

Anonymous producer Juuku is back again with another powerful single drop. “Leaving” is out now via indie imprint Moving Castle and is giving listeners another taste of what is to come on the upcoming EP that’s due out this spring. He continues to showcase this innate storytelling ability in the single, giving us an emotionally-charged auditory journey through the theme of letting go and releasing things not meant for us. Check out his latest offering “Leaving” above right now!

House | ELPORT Returns With Heavy-Hitter “Wait A Minute”

Posted by on February 25, 2021

With releases on established labels such as NCS, Nightblue Music, Frequency and more, ELPORT is one of the fastest rising talents the Canadian electronic music scene has to offer right now. Seeking to inspire listeners and leave a positive impact with his uplifting music, ELPORT has amassed millions of streams across streaming platforms, and is currently building an ever-growing fanbase of listeners and supporters around the world. 

ELPORT’s second release of the year comes in the form of “Wait A Minute,” a melodic house banger that follows his massive collaboration with Aiden Myers, “The Song 2.0.“ Immediately getting into action with a filtered beat and engaging sound effects “Wait A Minute” is filled with eerie vocal samples and impressive synth work in the first drop. Anthemic melodies and deep bass drive the drawn-out breakdown section, while the energy rises once again for yet another explosive drop towards the end. 

Pop | Gillian Heidi Returns on New Single “Burnout”

Posted by on February 23, 2021

Boston-based singer/songwriter Gillian Heidi is on the rising as a bubbling Pop star on the up and up. Last year she released a handful of moody Pop ballads and is back with more emotionally charged music via “Burnout”. Not only has her songwriting improved, but her vocal ability and visual branding have even stepped it up a notch. 2021 is starting off strong for Gillian, check out “Burnout” above now and keep an eye on her for new music dropping soon!