Trance | Submersive Drops 2-Track Trance Release “Rock Bottom”

Posted by on April 24, 2017

2 months after releasing trance-influenced tracks “Ready” and “The Ritual”, Submersive just dropped yet another track, this time with a completely different vibe from the other 2. If “The Ritual” was cold and heavy, then “Rock Bottom” is the perfect romantic, uplifting and colorful track, fitting for the season we are in. Following the original vocal track is a heavy trance “Aphotic” mix. With 200k Soundcloud plays over and done with, this up and coming LA-based artist is the name to know.

Clayton picked up his first drums sticks at the age of 10, he probably did not know they would change his life forever. That was the beginning of the music career, leading to a DJ event at age 13 and moments of achievement thereafter. More recently, he has been focusing on trance, “the goal of my music is to give people a transcendent experience in a musical environment. Trance is the continuation of what the earliest humans discovered: the connection between music and soul, and that’s what I aim to accomplish with every one of my songs.”

Chill | Ken Loi Releases Single On Arkade “Hollow (feat. Liv Miraldi)”

Posted by on April 22, 2017

With over 40K monthly listeners on Spotify and 20K+ on SoundCloud, Ken Loi has been around the block, to say the least. The solo artist has released “Hollow (feat. Liv Miraldi,)” his follow-up to “Deja Vu” – a release that received over 200K streams and continues to grow. Another element these two singles have in common is they’re both released on Arkade, a record label founded by Kaskade.

Ken Loi is showcasing his sound and style in pieces this year, “Hollow” making an excellent addition to the Ken Loi world.

Pop | Kronic aims high with Rendezvous

Posted by on April 20, 2017

Since releasing the cinematic Sophisticated Ignorance EP in late 2016, Kronic has been riding a bass-meets-pop wave.  Teaming up with Grammy winner Leon Thomas, Kronic’s first offering for 2017 is the hypnotic Rendezvous.

Kronic explains, “Rendezvous to me is less a shift in style and more a finding my style. I’ve been doing so many sessions with all different types of artists and that’s helped me be able to produce a more accurate representation of the ideas in my head. Leon is an amazing talent and even more so a dope person and that’s what matters the most to me when getting in a session with someone.”




Electro-House, Videos | Lektrique Is The Chosen One In New “Shred” Music Video

Posted by on April 20, 2017

Often times producers don’t just have the talent of making music. They often have hobbies on the side and for Lektrique, his is skateboarding. Followers of his social media are familiar with his aptitude for tearing up the street with his gnarly moves; if you don’t follow him, you should. Not only should you for his fine tricks, but for his music. Although there are no tricks in his new video for the single “Shred,” we get a nice little story to augment the ferocious electro original. Complete with a cameo from Black Tiger Sex Machine of Kannibalen Records, this is nothing more than a playful expansion to an already fun project. Enjoy the video and head over to iTunes or whatever store you prefer for a copy.

Lektrique – Shred: Download/Stream

Bass | Mory’s Dynamic “MenloBucks” Brings Together Glitch And Future Bass

Posted by on April 19, 2017

Genre hybrids are nothing new in dance music, but new hybrids certainly are. Most aren’t committed enough to take on a such a creative task, but the result Mory has tapped into showcases the benefits of doing so. “MenloBucks” the latest single from Mory, is a hyper-detailed, experimental single fusing the genres of glitch-hop and future bass, showcasing a new style and feeling that is refreshing, to say the least.

Mory’s “MenloBucks” was released on Neocore Records, a label just getting their start, yet displaying a solid selection on the A&R front, thus far. Mory and Neocore Records are not only rising together, but showing strong promise.

Chill | Steve Void’s “West LA” Continues The Feel Good Hits

Posted by on April 19, 2017

Steve Void has taken the cake as one of the fasting rising chill house artists in the game, with consistent support from acts like Cheat Codes, Sam Feldt, The Him, and over 40 million plays to his name, it’s hard not to notice this solo DJ. His latest single “West LA” was premiered by Matoma at Coachella and is set to rack up millions in no time.

Steve Void just got off a 30 stop tour and is continuing to make new music, “West LA” is the next chronical in a story that has influenced a nice chunk of the dance music scene. His previous chill-house-meets-pop releases have hit the spot, “West LA” is a proper new notch in the belt.

Pop | Goldhouse Finds Pop Gold In “Sex On Me”

Posted by on April 18, 2017

This is good. Real good. Straight from the mean streets of Chicago, Goldhouse (Grant Harris) strikes pop music gold for “Sex On Me” that’s perfect for those summer nights. The song is out on Armada Deep, which we love. Goldhouse is created remixes for everyone from Sam Smith to J-Lo. When our forever crush Joe Bay hit us with this record we couldn’t help but listen. “Sex On Me” doesn’t have a release date but we’ll hitting the replay button on this bad boy for weeks to come.