Albums | Free Arlo’s “Blueberry Jam” Tastes So Good

Posted by on August 21, 2019

Free Arlo, a fresh new artist/writer/producer releases “Blueberry Jam”, an irresistibly catchy, and simplistic feel-good song. The tune is about those simple moments we wish we could relive and realizing you’re in the middle of one.

The story behind the music was inspired by and written with long time friend Grant Unno after flying home from his last year in college leaving someone he loved behind and with a collaborative effort, the song was brought to life. This is the fourth single by the solo artist and it stands side by side with the other catchy singles released earlier this year.

Free Arlo has a lot more planned for the rest of 2019 as well as going into 2020.

Do yourself a favor and check him out @freearlo.

House | Rat City is back and it’s ‘Deliriously Good’

Posted by on August 20, 2019

Rat City is back with the animation for their follow up to ‘Kind of Love,’ ‘Deliriously Good’, and have been making a splash on Norwegian radio with their retro pop sound. Check out their music video above, conceived by US-based animator ‘Micah Monkey’ who designed a whole world of characters for the band inspired by the Gorillaz, as the band shares, “We are all big fans of the Gorillaz and loved the idea of Rat City starting life as an animated project…telling stories of a hotbed of seedy characters who stab each other in the back at every turn.”  

Trap | Shlizk Gives A Taste Of Her “Personality Disorder” In New Single

Posted by on August 20, 2019

Shlizk has been a rising nicely in both the DJ and production world, given her efforts in both areas. It’s a bit of a no-brainier that an incline for the well-branded, actively releasing artist would naturally begin to happen. “Personality Disorder” is the next step for the soloist, dousing listeners in a gradual rise of bass in the beginnings. As the single progresses, the drop suspense finally breaks and gritty, sometimes robotic-inspired drops rinses the listener with a vengeance. The single’s abrupt ending leave’s you wanting more.

Having performed at dozens of clubs and also achieving a high status in a past corporate life, success follows Shlizk wherever she goes . New York’s Ashley Haenel is one to keep an eye on for certain.


Bass | Shuz Stands Out On Ruchir Remix EP With Twist On “Young N Poppin”

Posted by on August 16, 2019

There’s few artists who can take on the saturated world of trap music and who are today recognized as a fast rising envelope pushers, but this in part is the reputation solo DJ/producer Shuz has developed for himself. “Young N Poppin (Shuz Remix)” gives a glimpse into the dynamism and originality Shuz brings to the table, on both the part of intensity and distinguishable ‘trap’ elements. The remix goes off, slapping with a vengange most won’t soon forget. A deeper diver into Shuz’s roster boasts AIA releases, Joyryde/Skrillex remixes, and an expansion of an explosive, fun experience.

Having his music supported by artists like Ekali, Max Styler, and Fabian Mazur at festivals such as TomorrowLand, EDC, and ADE, Shuz has a story to tell, and fans are tuning in release after release to hear more of it.

House | Lo Key Flexes Versatility On House-Infused “Summer Nights”

Posted by on August 16, 2019

Inspiring and intense is the message that can be taken away from “Summer Nights,” a groovy, disco infused single bursting with live horns, soul-stirring vocal samples, and a light trance-influence that simply gets your there. “Summer Nights” second verse showcases a more hard-hitting side juxtaposition, the natural sweet to salty flow is a major highlight and a feat easier said than done. The totality of the experience gripping no matter where your dance music tastes fall.

Music has been an escape and way to overcome obstacles in the life of Lo Key, after experiencing the connectedness between others music has to offer, he plunged deeper into his passion for music and career. Lo Key is in it for the long run and the substance of his music reflects.

Albums | Autograf release Vol. 1 of their “Love & Retrograde” Remixes

Posted by on August 16, 2019

I loved Autograf’s ‘Love & Retrograde’ EP when it dropped back in June. Now they’ve enlisted 6 friends to add their own flavor to the EP. Artists like SLVR, Syence, Cofresi and others put their talents to work on the vocal records of the EP. Check them all out below.

Albums | Laxcity shares a beautiful music video for his single “Purity”

Posted by on August 16, 2019

Are you ready to see one of the most beautiful music videos you’ve ever seen? If not you need to brace yourself because Laxcity is going to stun you with his video for “Purity”. He took off to Portugal and it’s various ecosystems to convey the personal and raw emotion he put into his single the title track of his latest EP. Watch the entire video unfold below.