Nu Disco | Sparkee Takes On The Funk Hunters “Party Rockin” With Funky Nu-Disco Remix

Posted by on March 24, 2019

One year ago, The Funk Hunters released the album Typecast to critical acclaim. Fast forward one year later to this month and a 21-track remix album has now be released on the anniversary of the initial album. Artists like Buku, Wick-It The Instigator, and many others putting their twist on various featured songs. Released on in-demand label Westwood Records, Sparkee has added his spin onto The Funk Hunters’ “Party Rockin,” showcasing a particularity creative and groovy single that stands out from the pack.

Technicality rules in “Party Rockin (Sparkee Remix),” a nu-disco rooted tune filled in by impressive guitar and basslines Sparkee is known for. The end of the song leaves you much more energizes and upbeat than before. Sparkee’s kinetic live instrumentation has pleased millions around the globe. Sparkee’s bass cover of Deadmau5’s “Strobe” – proving it can be done by human hand and getting the eyes and support of Deadmau5 himself on it too – earned Sparkee’s music in the top 30 of /r/videos, a truly viral piece of content.

Sparkee is reaping what he’s sewing, with a blossoming music career ahead of him.

Chill | Oli Klok Shares “Never Let You Down” Single, Intro To Music, And More [Interview]

Posted by on March 24, 2019

It’s never to early to start out in music. “Never Let You Down” embodies an untamed energy that’s ready to tackle anything. The pulsing synth work tuned to the pop vocal comes off crisp and clean. The feel-good energy of young Oli Klok built into the production. Oli Klok is a few releases into his alias and shows plenty of potential. His music showcasing it’s own style and vibe with each tune also coming in clutch with a wholesome original feel. “Never Let You Down” fits into the mold of the “Oli Klok Feel” nicely, with more to come on the musical front soon certainly. Oli Klok chats with us about where he started, who his influences are, and more below.

When did you start producing?

Oli: I started producing when I was about 15. I was just messing around for like 2 years but really got into it after that.

What artists do you look up to as an inspiration?

Oli: There’s a ton of artists I admire but the top ones would be Martin Garrix, Skrillex, and Avicii. Garrix is the one who made me want to start making music actually.

Is it hard to finish songs for you?

Oli: Not really. In terms of songwriting, most of the time the melodies will just pop in my head and I’ll record them on my phone and put them on my computer.

What message with « never let you down »?

Oli: To never give up on the people that you love.

What do you hope to accomplish under Oli Klok?

Oli: Besides impacting people’s life with my music, I hope to live from it someday and to work with the producers and singers I look up to.

House, Nu Disco | Richard Grey & Marcos Carnaval Are Here to ‘Take You Higher Baby’

Posted by on March 22, 2019

French DJ/Producer Richard Grey has teamed up with Brazilian groove machine Marcos Carnaval for their infectious new single, “Take You Higher Baby”.  The song is a hard-hitting Nu Disco inspired track that will undoubtedly be setting clubs on fire during the summer.  The song is based on a sample by the revered Sandy Mercer and it is a perfect blend between classic Soul and House.

While both artists stay busy touring internationally and have reached great heights with their individual original releases and remixes, the new collaboration sees both artists putting their best foot forward for the huge new anthem. If you are a DJ, you will want this one in your bins.


Events | Florida-Bass Event ZIP CODES Debuts At Miami Music Week 2019

Posted by on March 20, 2019

ZIP CODES is a eclectic bass event during Miami Music Week 2019 like you won’t find anywhere else. Not only does the ZIP CODES lineup display some of the most diverse rising talent in the Florida scene, the event promises to align the acts into wild B2B2B’s one must see to believe. Featuring KC Gilmore, Egzod, SHNDO, LVNDO, MOON RUSH, SYNYMATA, ACRAZE, Rated-R and many more, the event will debut at CENTRO Wynwood Tuesday March 26th 9PM to 2AM.

The event is free and 21+. ZIP CODES is the collaboration of Injoy Events, Liive Projects, and a a handful of other local partners. With nearly a dozen artists taking the stage during one of the busiest weeks of dance music, a memorable face-melting night is certain.

Find the event page here.

House | Dim Mak welcomes Ekonovah with debut house original “Wait A Minute”

Posted by on March 20, 2019

Newcomer Ekonovah is a name you’re going to want to start following. “Wait a Minute” released today on Aoki’s legendary EDM label Dim Mak has that unique, addicting buildup and rhythm that stands out in a sea of recent similar sounding bass-house tracks. Take three minutes and give this a listen then grab the free download.

Wait A Minute was so fun to write. I made it pretty fast, in only 3 sessions or so. I became really inspired by the idea of oscillating back and forth from this grandiose reverb to a dry, dampened sound which I’ve since been implementing in a lot of my tracks. Once I found those horn hits which occur before the second drop and outro, that’s when the full idea really solidified into a cohesive track. Suddenly, it had this fun ‘x-factor’ that crowds respond to really well during my sets!”

Chill | FNT Premiere: Prince Woods Reveals Indie-Electronic Cover Of Drake’s “Summer Games”

Posted by on March 20, 2019

Chill act Price Woods has revealed another stylistic single, “Summer Games,” being a cover of the Drake original, the twist added takes the atmosphere of the original to a whole different realm. The release is paired alongside a video, the visual meshing the song with a quasi-abstract live performance concept containing trippy throwback elements.

Josh McDaniel and Alex Zahrai have had a natural rise ever since teaming up to form Prince Woods. Together the two bring a feel good indie-electronic vibe to the forefront, there contribution to music gaining recognition soon after kicking off the project. “Rear View,” an original from the duo, went on to receive 2 million streams on Spotify alone. Between their experienced production skills, live instrument twist, and dedication to the alias, Price Woods isn’t going anywhere in 2019.

Chill, Indie | Nived Makes His Debut With the Sultry Single “Shame”

Posted by on March 19, 2019

There are so many talented artists in this world pushing projects and we’ve just found another one to add to the list. Nived has just throw his name in the mix in a huge way with his debut single “Shame” that is sure to get many faithful fans behind him in a hurry. “Shame” is an alluring chiller that seeps into your soul and doesn’t let go. Nived melds several styles together for a perfect concoction that is easy to take in over and over again. Click play and throw this bad boy on repeat!