Bass | MIDNIGHT CVLT’s ‘Join Us’ EP Brings Modern Bass Feel To Fantasy-Oriented Sound

Posted by on January 25, 2020

With explosive and animated atmospheres built in MIDNIGHT CVLT’s Join Us EP, the collective of four-tracks delivers on amplifying bass while showcasing unique modern samples and production elements within. The balance of these variables gives personality to the arc of the EP, an experience sure to win over fans globally.

With support from acts like Showtek, Zomboy, Brig, Black Tiger Sex Machine and releases on labels such as Kannibalen Records. The fast rising act is certain to reveal more music and content soon.

Electro | Birthdayy Partyy Go Electro On “Befriend or Destroy”

Posted by on January 24, 2020

We’ve covered Birthdayy Partyy since their inception in January of 2018. Since then they’ve churned out an astonishing amount of tracks, both originals and remixes, all of which have been magnificent. To kick off their third year they have dropped the free download “Befriend or Destroy” and showed off their electro chops. Whatever genre they put their mind to, they conquer and I’m so happy to see them do something special within the midtempo space that’s familiar, but a bit off kilter from what everyone else is doing with the style. Make sure to add this one to your party playlists because it is a HIT!

Bass, Chill | JOY Makes World-Culture Vibe Shine In “System of Life”

Posted by on January 24, 2020

LA based JOY has nailed a unique bass vibe in “System of Life.” From heavy drums to fantasy oriented synth work, JOY pulls together a groovy, rhythmic feel that’s as positive as it is impacting.

It’s easy to want to escape monotony in today’s world, Ken Hankins, AKA JOY, helps listeners do just that with universal sound-of-sorts that creative and passionate.

Choosing the name JOY to help spread just that, the soloist has come along way and stringed together a vibrant production/live music experience here. If you like what you hear click through and learn more about JOY.


Chill | Smoketown Flexes With Chill Electronic Single “City Lights”

Posted by on January 24, 2020

Smoketown is solidifying their stand in the online music scene this year. Edgy sounds and clever sonic inputs all compound to make the exquisite, all it’s own experience that is “City Lights.”

With a house core to it, the many instrumental and electronic works that comes into play here virtually stitch the parts together, forming the structured yet organic nature of the single.

“City Lights” give more of a glimpse as to what’s to come for Smoketown, a refreshing revelation that will leave fans surely wanting more.

Bass | ‘Elements Of Flow’ An Eclectic Work From Talented Artists’ King Kurt & GALACTIK VIBES

Posted by on January 24, 2020

With a beautiful mix of various bass, chill, and downtempo aesthetics, a genuine vibe is conveyed start to finish with King Kurt and Galactik Vibes’ collaborative Elements of Flow EP.

Each bringing more than just production work to the EP, the juxtaposition these two tangle while simultaneously ringing in a true-to-life narrative, as well, is simply something not to be missed.

Dropped on Oracle Records and exemplifying an insane amount of versatility, Elements of Flow EP is a gift that keeps on giving.

Deep House | Multi-Talented Black AM Drops Debut House Original ‘i am’ Ahead of EP

Posted by on January 21, 2020

Black AM’s new single is here. The triumphant “i am,” with it’s eclectic blend of familiar house and groovy, gritty attributes within, is more than a win as his debut original. Sophistication and an all-original atmosphere go hand in hand as the target mark is nailed with zest within this one. Establishing his style more now than ever. The ambitious creator known as Black AM, or Sinclair Wheeler, is adding yet another window of impression to make on the world.

Black AM has been on a life long journey with music, a peak moment happening a few years back when MGK picked him up as a touring guitarist during his sets, fast forward to 2020 and Black AM DJ’s, produces, writes, plays, and much more. With a quintessential jack-off-all-trades element going on and a sound all it’s own, Black AM is staged to make a positive difference on the world.

Pop | Max Leone releases his debut single “First Grade”

Posted by on January 21, 2020

20-year-old songwriter-producer Max Leone, the latest artist to sign to The Darkroom, the reputed label behind Billie Eilish, releases his debut single “First Grade” off his forthcoming EP.

Max shares “First Grade” was written and recorded in 1 day, and it deals with disappointment, accepting people as they are all while realizing perfection is an impossible feat. Check out the visuals above, and follow Max on Spotify to keep up with new music!