Future Trap, Pop | SVDKO & Adrobski Share Immersive Future Pop Anthem “Open Waters”

Posted by on January 25, 2022

Following up his rock-tinged single “Wild,“ which saw him debut his own vocals for the first time, Belgium-based producer and guitarist SVDKO has now returned, teaming up with French up-and-comer Adrobski to share the incredible “Open Waters.” Featuring vocals from singer/songwriter Harvey, “Open Waters” makes up for a nicely-crafted combination of the two artists’ styles, a clash of sounds that results in a larger-than-life auditory journey. 

Smooth guitar melodies and hard-hitting drums contrast as Harvey’s singing conveys a lively story, before the drop explodes into a heavenly sequence of vocal chops and grainy effects that is hard to forget. As SVDKO explained about the story behind “Open Waters”:  

“This song happened while I was experimenting with harmonies on my guitar. I found the main melodies that immediately inspired me to lay down that slowly evolving structure. Harvey completely understood what I was going for and recorded this topline in a few days – “It started with me trying my best to explain to my partner how being in love with them makes me feel”. Adrobski came a few months later to add some more heavy and experimental elements which blended perfectly with the mood of the song.” 

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Hip-Hop | Australia based rapper W7lF drops “The Time”

Posted by on January 17, 2022

Mohammed ‘W7lf’ Zidan is a multifaceted rapper and songwriter on the come up. Born and raised in Sirte, Libya and currently residing in Perth, Australia. With a multicultural approach to his craft from the beginning, W7lf wanted to channel the energy from his home country, as well as the different environments surrounding him growing up. The result is something hugely potent and also profound, blending styles of traditional hip-hop aligned with jazz, funk and neo-soul music, forming a sound that transcends beyond the norm. His new single “The Time”, it’s just the uplifting track to kick off your week with. Tap in above now!

Electronic | Juuku Starts 2022 Off Strong on “Sunlight”

Posted by on January 16, 2022

Kicking off the new year with an absolute bang, juuku returns with a powerful new single via DIM MAK’s subsidiary label New Noise entitled “sunlight”. Already hinted at in the title, the bright and ferocious track is high energy, feel-good and a real slapper. With a co-sign from Aoki himself on the massive song and a bright horizon ahead with a new NFT project, juuku isn’t messing around this year so I’d keep him on your radar for the foreseeable future!


Hip-Hop | WONDR captivates all with his unique dose of playful hip-hop in viral sensation ‘F WITH U’

Posted by on January 10, 2022

Multifaceted rising producer, artist and songwriter WONDR released his latest single ‘F With U’ back in November, and has already amassed over 500 thousand streams across Spotify and other streaming platforms. The feel good track shows off his skills as a up-coming act to keep an eye on for 2022. Reggae infused guitars alongside a trap infused beat results in a highly addictive song that has truly captivated listeners and fans all over the world, and for good reason. This one is catchy as hell, so dive in above now and read a quote from WONDR below now.

“’F With U’ is a song that gives the bullies, haters, and bad ex’s a simple taste of their own medicine. Although I wrote the song about the girls who broke my heart and begged to come back when they saw that I was doing better, I believe the chorus can resonate in several other lanes. I produced, wrote, and recorded ‘F With U’ in my bedroom.”

RnB | Olivia Swann Releases New Single, “PILLOW PRINCESS”

Posted by on January 8, 2022

Olivia Swann is an upcoming U.K. based singer/songwriter who releases R&B-flavored, jazz-influenced music that has a dark influence of pop. Swann is definitely never shy to tell anyone how it is; spilling the tea with her lyrics & signature sound, the London-based, Los Angeles-frequenting, Berklee College of Music graduate, blends her early inspirations with her lyrical wit, into an unapologetic and authentic sound. Her new track “Pillow Princess” is another single to add to her flush catalog of singles that are on the wire between Pop and R&b.

RnB | JAFAR CURRY Releases “Loving My Girl”

Posted by on January 8, 2022

Jafar Curry returns with a soul infused funk offering via “Loving My Girl” off his new album. Armed with an electrifying R&B sound that will make you want to get up out of your seat and dance. The rising Atlanta based talent is one to something special here, tune in above now and read a quote from him on the release below!

“This song talks about the redemptive power of love, the mistakes we make in love & relationships and the beauty of our experience impacting the end result. The song has a funky and original backbeat rooted in hip-hop and funk while maintaining a nice melodic and vocally rich R&B/Soul timbre.”

Indie | Dennyiah Drop Video for “Sense Of The Rain”

Posted by on January 7, 2022

Slovakian indie band Dennyiah return with one of their most captivating and hybrid releases to date, “Sense of the Rain”. This is the first piece of music I’ve heard by the band but this one is something unique and a great listen. Dennyiah, consisting of lead vocalist Denny and guitarist Lubos, the two-piece fuse pop, soul, country and blues to create their distinctive style and are known for never being limited to one sound. Tune into the visual for “Sense of the Rain” above now and read a quote from Dennyiah below on the release!

“It’s about the elusive sensation of an invincible life force coming from within. Losing the ego and idealised and pre-constructed idea of self. That’s when nothing around changes. The only thing that changes is your perception and the fact that it doesn’t have the power to go under your skin anymore because it’s always been disconnected from the true within. Bad things good things – it’s all the same – what matters is how much you let it drag you down. This song speaks about the short moment of enlightenment, about the deep connection to everything without the heaviness of reaction.”