Bass | Juicy M And Subshock & Evangelos Release “Psyhaus” On Spinnin’ Records

Posted by on January 11, 2019


Spain’s Subshock and Evangelos offer up energetic vibes with “Psyhaus,” a cross-genre heater in collaboration with none other than Juicy M. The artists blend elements of bass house and psytrance, formulating a truly unique, yet masterfully arranged production. With it’s driving tempo and powerful-yet-melodic progressions, “Psyhaus” is a solid addition to the Spinnin’ Records roster.

The duo have accumulated a number of accolades in the span of their career. In addition to the millions of streams that the artists have generated, the two have performed at events such as Miami Music Week and ADE, as well as tours through Mexico, China, and Europe. Proven by the arsenal of releases through various notable labels and the support from industry names like Jauz, The Chainsmokers, and Steve Aoki, Subshock and Evangelos have their sights set on domination.

Electronic | Information Society Kick Off 2019 With ‘World Enough’

Posted by on January 11, 2019

From 80s synth-pop innovators Information Society, comes “World Enough”, a brand-new track featuring the classic lineup up of Kurt Larson, Paul Robb & James Cassidy.

Since, “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)”, hit the charts in 1988, Information Society have been talked about as one of the leading bands at the forefront of the Synthpop movement.  First gaining notoriety in New York during the 1980’s, they went on to sign with Tommy Boy Records with whom they have just released their new single, “World Enough”.

30 years after their debut album first hit the charts, Information Society delivers the new tune, with driving synth lines, crisp synth-bass riffs and a beat that reminisces the 80’s.  Sounding as bold and authentic as ever,  “World Enough”, talks about the pain of an ending relationship and the thought that it could be saved if only there was more time: “…Since the time, When you were mine, And that’s the way I’d stay…If I had world enough and time, I know that I could make you mine, If you would just give me a sign, I know that I could change your mind…” This feeling is bared flawlessly through the music by it’s driving hooks and the overall ‘upbeat melancholy’ of the track. Having not lost the sound that made them famous, they explore new territories by mixing a gloomy feeling with upbeat music, generating a feeling of introspection and reflection.

This song was first written during the time of the “Hack” (1990) sessions and has been sitting in the bands archives since then. They waited for the right time to release the song and thankfully they chose to release it now. There are some parallels with the ‘Hack’ period but the song emanates the maturity that can only be obtained through years of recording, composing and being unafraid to do the music they want. One huge difference is that this song does not use any notable samples, which has been a feature of them since “W.O.Y.M…” and featured heavily on “Hack”. Instead they have strengthened their stylistic synth-pop elements to create this song.

With this release, they are stating that it is never too late to consolidate a style and stick to what one truly believes, while highlighting how universal these emotions in the music are and how they can permeate through the decades.

Bass | ACRAZE Rides High On Latest Bass-Heavy Original “MURDA”

Posted by on January 10, 2019

Bass is is a competitive market, at times it can feel like bass artists are climbing over each other, trying to out-do the last heavy trending single. Where ACRAZE comes in is being one who truly can take it to that next level, producing songs that go that much farther, that much harder – having the impact that makes a night go from lit to full-on bonkers. “Murda,” the latest original from the soloist, is a microcosm of this theme. Massive build-ups and drops that destroy on an epic level take place to deliver something that kings the mountain of bass music. Past releases like “Inferno” and “Make You Wanna” reflect a similar experience, proving ACRAZE is far from a one-hit producer. Keep your eye on this Orlando-based producer and what he does next.


Hip-Hop | Abhi The Nomad Drops First Single of 2019 ‘FLUSH’

Posted by on January 4, 2019

Austin, TX-based artist Abhi The Nomad is back and ready to start 2019 in a big way. Today the multi-talented producer/songwriter/MC released his 5th and final single from his recent batch of slaps titled, “FLUSH“.

The new tune has landed in the coveted New Music Friday playlist on Spotify, and sees Abhi once again spitting slick bars, though this time not on a self-produced beat.  Switching things up, Abhi The Nomad hops on a Trap infused production from 13 and absolutely dominates.

Speaking on the collaboration, Abhi says, “I’ve never delved this deep into a trap-based beat before. I want to start to expand my sonic boundaries in the new year and open myself to new things while also honing in on my style.”

Check it.

Albums | Justin Caruso Remixes “Invisible” By Anna Clendening

Posted by on January 1, 2019

Justin Caruso has been delivering a ton of new music lately. Melodic and chill, but a remix we can all dance to is what you get with this one. Justin puts his spin on an already amazing track, giving it that recognizable Justin Caruso sound. Be sure to check Justin out, and keep an eye on him for 2019!

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Electronic, House | Justin Caruso Remixed Oliver Heldens’ “Fire In My Soul,” And It’s A Dance Smash

Posted by on December 24, 2018

Justin Caruso has been on fire lately, and just recently blessed us with a new remix. This one, a remix for Oliver Heldens’ “Fire In My Soul” will get you dancing in no time. A fresh update from the original, Justin’s spin gives it a true dance feeling, and a track to play at all of your holiday festivities.

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Bass | Kantor Shares History, Reflects Back On The Year, And Shares Future Plans [Interview]

Posted by on December 21, 2018

The artist formerly known as 5 & A Dime generated considerable clout. Having released a number of mashups, remixes, and originals, the artist obtained the support of The Chainsokers, DJ Snake, Tiesto, Bauuer, and many more. In pursuit of creative growth, he underwent a massive rebrand, emerging as Kantor. With a fresh sound and live shows featuring his custom-configured dance pads, Kantor aims to push the needle forward in the industry.

You have been making music for most of the last decade, in what ways have the industry shifted or evolved from an artist’s positions?

Kantor: The industry has been following technology in my opinion. Not only in regards to the style – more synthesized sounds in music – but in regards to the frequency and speed in which music comes out. Technology revolves around a principle called Moore’s law, in which technology either doubles in speed, halves in price, or halves in size every 18 to 24 months. When I first entered the industry, artists would release an album every year or two and a single every few months. Now, it’s the standard to release a song no less than every month, with an EP or two every year. Not only has the frequency of releases increased, but the overall sonic quality of music, specifically electronic, has exponentially grown. From an artist’s position, the amount of saturation in the industry has become more and more dense, and I believe it will only continue.

For new dance music fans, how big were the mashup days and how far did it take you as an artist?

Kantor:  I would say the “mashup days” were between 2008 to 2014. It took me quite far, all the way to touring with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki in 2013. I knew, however, that creating mashups was nothing but a pipe dream in regards to longevity, and that unless I could express myself through original content that there would be no chance of me fulfilling my dreams. I could have continued touring and made a name for myself that would eventually dwindle away or I could create something that had real lasting power, which is why I decided to take a step back from mashups all together and focus on original productions.

What were some stand-out artists or records to you?

Kantor: Between 2010 to now, there have been a lot of artists who broke the mold of what was the “standard”. To name a handful I’d have to say for the older tracks, Dog Blood’s “Middle Finger”, Jack Ü’s “Take Ü There”, Bassnectar’s “Bass Head”, Knife Party’s “Sleaze”, and for the newer tracks, Shadient’s “Collider”, eclipse & jaron’s “lunar”, PEEKABOO & G-Rex’s “Babatunde”, and 1788-L & Blanke’s “D E S T I N Y”.

You perform your hand-built DDR-inspired launch pad on stage, is there a lot of pressure with that experience?

Kantor: Yeah there is, especially the first time around. But, with practice, comes confidence. I feel a lot less pressure with performing on the DDR launchpad than I used to due to training constantly (it’s a pretty intense workout!) and fixing some bugs I had to deal with. Every time I perform on the DDR launchpad I gain a little more experience and confidence in front of a crowd. All in all, the more I perform on it the more it feels natural like riding a bike. It’s definitely the most intense performance I can give and I expect it to continue to grow as an entertaining experience for not only myself but more importantly the audience.

What are your plans for 2019?

Kantor: I have a ton of releases lined up for 2019, already planning new DDR launchpad videos, and I expect to be playing quite a number of shows. 2019 should be the year that I take the DDR pads on the road!