Albums | Cloudkid releases “Born To Die” by Besomorph & Coopex

Posted by on March 20, 2020

German producer Besomorph collaborates with Coopex with Ethan Uno for “Born to Die,” as they bring out the guitar riffs, and hard bass drops. If you’re in panic right now, not sure where it’s all going, and want to get a hold of your nerves. Press play, tomorrow isn’t promised. Once you’ve accepted this, you can live in peace. Go big or go home!

Ethan, the vocalist shares with us:

The lyrical story portrayed relates to my own experience with past failed relationships. The idea of being “Born To Die” was inspired by the original demo title by Besomorph and Coopex. I felt that that phrase was captivating and perfectly described the atmosphere of the production. I built the song’s story off of that phrase, developing it into the idea that the connection that my ex and I had was “Born To Die.”

Pop | Milos teams up with Ima Sobé for “One More Night”

Posted by on March 20, 2020

Norwegian producer Milos brings us this latin influenced dance pop single featuring Ima Sobé “One More Night,” to keep us dreaming about exotic nights while we wait for the world to heal. Wherever you are, break a little dance, grab your partner, tell you love them, it’s all going to be ok, one more night baby!

Chill | SNYDER New Single “Narcissist” Hits Big With Featured Collaborator Dre Of The East

Posted by on March 19, 2020

Snyder is far from his first release, after recently hitting the 2 million mark online – on just on one platform – to say he’s now here for the long game is an understatement.

With an ever creative edge built into his music, it’s no wonder “Narcissist” pops off with serious original feel.

Snyder, who often operates in a mult-genre mindset, is a DJ/ Producer with aptitude to last.

“Narcissist is the first single off of my album “In the Dark” – this was created by Dre of the East and myself off of the island / pop vibes you hear in the instrumental. Dre and I met in December of 2019 through a mutual friend – Corey (Hldtru, Manager – Dre of the East). We really hit the ground running, I was immediately impressed with his ability to not only take on difficult records as a vocalist, but also bring the perspective of a producer.


Electro | Harber Shows Off Cheeky Side With Hell-Raising Single “F*CK WORK”

Posted by on March 19, 2020

The NYC clubs can’t get enough of what HARBER is serving, a spike in shows, plenty to keep busy with, and now a tough-and-cheek twist to the musical format “F*CK WORK” is on display.

To say he’s keeping fans on their toes with proper suprises is an understatement. “F*CK WORK” features rising reality TV star Kyle Cooke, the single working up the energy in the room on a classic house level.

“After working with Kyle [Cooke] and the Summer House cast during their LDW party and season 4 premiere event, we decided to collaborate on a song. It was a blast getting into the studio with Kyle to make ‘F*CK WORK’ and I’m already overwhelmed with the unbelievable crowd responses I’ve been getting after playing it during my last couple of shows!”


Alternative, Chill | TONNER Drops Impressive New Single “CRIMINAL”

Posted by on March 18, 2020

The defiant attitude of the TONNER’s new track “CRIMINAL” is both hypnotic and gritty. Lyrically, the single describes the story of a dejected loner going through trauma to come back from the brink of oblivion. “CRIMINAL” centers around a quirky synth arpeggio, which TONNER reveals as somewhat accidental. The more I listen to this one the more it grows on me. Tune in above now!

Electronic | John Lynx Showcases Quality Electronic Sound In “Because Of You”

Posted by on March 14, 2020

The power of John Lynx shines through on his latest single – which happens to be the first of 2020 – “Because of You” is turning heads quickly as the DJ/producer continues his attention grabbing stream of content that has him omnipresent.

Featuring Angel Taylor as a collaborator, this single certainly features the best part of both acts.

With empowering lyrics clearly woven in this is one single that will keep on giving.

Hip-Hop | Rising Artist Mars IX “My Crew” Melds The Worlds Of Two Big Genres

Posted by on March 13, 2020

Mars IX is getting serious attention with “My Crew” being another notch under the belt. His rise has been nothing but eye-catching, a movement that even Sony Music Canada has been up to support. Signed by the major, “My Crew” takes the technical aspects of dance and hip-hop and merges them, featuring moods and vibes that is ahead of it’s time. The single is a keeper to say the least.

Marshmello, Jauz, Tiesto, and Brooks are only a fraction of the artists Mars IX has been supported by, with this work sure to join the A-list support ring.

The solo act share more behind the story of the single.

“This song describes the insatiable bond between a, “Crew.” It relates the bond between friends as being a beautiful connection and that bond transcends even the worst of situations. As Mars IX continues to release their story driven pop-house records, each addition adds more to the message of global acceptance through love and understanding. Mars IX stands for more than just a music career, each song relates real world issues to the listeners while also conveying a sense of responsibility.”

– Mars IX