Albums | Brace For Bass Heavy Collaboration From HAY! And Pyro Titled ‘Push’

Posted by on March 21, 2021

Feisty and ferocious, “Push,” aligns the best of both acts in the collaboration between HAY! and Pyro. Once the play button is smashed, there’s no forgetting the dominance and awe-struck nature the two together have brought out. The percussion keeping the mood of the track rhythmic and steady, “Push,” hits some serious high points and it’s no wonder a label picked up on this one, in this case, that being Barnyard Records.

Both artists here have put in the work to climb to the point of today. HAY! won a Whethen x Skio remix contest which led to the flip being signed to major-label endorsed Big Beat Records. Soon playing events via Texas-based MAXD OUT and gaining the support of artists like PhaseOne, YOOKiE, and the like, HAY! has made a name for himself for all the right reasons.

Buygore, Firepower, Heavyweight Records and more picking up on the sonic sensations that 18-year-old Pyro has captured, the solo DJ/producer has carved out his own space in the bass scene, gravitating the attention of fans and industry influencers alike.

Common ground abound, it seems as if it was a matter of time until these two link for a production eventually, the time came and now “Push,” leaves a legacy both artists can happily stand behind.

Bass | Black Tiger Sex Machine & YOOKiE Drop Monster Collab

Posted by on September 27, 2017

Black Tiger Sex Machine and YOOKiE have dropped a monstrous collaboration called “Lions” that is extra hot. This beast isn’t the only thing I have to share because with the single comes the news that BTSM will be dropping another album. How they’ve had time to put something together while being on tour over Summer and currently on the Midnight Terror dates, is beyond me. But, they’re doing it. If the album is anything like “Lions” then it’s going to be game over. “Lions” is a bass booming masterpiece whose sound isn’t anything like what you currently hear in the bass music world. Have a listen and hear for yourself.

Bass | YOOKiE Heat Things Up With “DRiP” On Kannibalen Records

Posted by on May 12, 2017

Kannibalen Records has been on a hot streak lately, even for them. They have yet another release this week, this time from their friends YOOKiE. Although the duo isn’t exclusively signed with them, this partnership has served fruitful in the past and likely will continue into the future. YOOKiE’s new song “DRiP” features hip-hop’s Brewski and together these acts bring a rap meets bass hit that is too appropriate for the season. Hot weather is approaching and hot beats are what are being unraveled in the mean time and this one is extra spicy. I would go into trying to describe just what YOOKiE did with this, but it’s something you just have to experience for yourself.