Events | Spotify’s Miami Music Week Events Cannot Be Missed

Posted by on March 10, 2016


Many of us know Spotify as the giant streaming service that delivers music straight to our phones or laptops without any hassle, but the Swedish company, more specifically its electroNOW division, has teamed up with Proximity and District to throw two special Miami Music Week parties that you don’t want to miss. The first of the two is taking place on March 18th at the National hotel, and it features a slew of all-star artists like Audien, Ghastly, ATTLAS, and more, in addition to secret back-to-back sets all day long. The second of the two events promises to bring a heavy dose of vibes, as artists like EDX, Two Friends, and Above & Beyond will be taking over the 1Hotel on March 19th for the Spotify x District party. Check out the poster above for the full lineup.

Progressive House | Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (The Two Friends Remix)

Posted by on March 3, 2014


If there is one thing that is lacking in the world of progressive house music, it would be Lana Del Rey remixes. You just don’t come across one too often. Have you ever heard a remix of “Born To Die”? I highly doubt so because there are like none. The Two Friends saw this vacancy in the market and filled it sensually with their very own remix. Guys, you know how sometimes you put stuff in other stuff but it seems kinda weird cause that’s where stuff also comes out of? That is essentially what Matt and Eli did with what was almost an official remix. It has a similar feel to many of their previous tracks in that it puts the vocals on display with a soft instrumental and then turns it up for the build and drop. This is the song many of their fans have been waiting for so if you happen to be one of them, enjoy.

Free Download: Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (The Two Friends Remix)

Progressive House | The Two Friends ft. Jeff Sontag & I Am Lightyear – Brighter

Posted by on January 27, 2014


The sweet, sultry, delicate voice of Blair, Leighton Meester’s character in Gossip Girl is the closest parallel I can draw to Jeff Sontag’s vocals in his, I am Lightyear and The Two Friends’ “Brighter”. The two vocalists perform a duet under the moonlight as well as over the production by The Two Friends, making it rather unique. It has a similar feel to many of their previous tracks in that it puts the vocals on display with a soft instrumental and then it turns it up for the build and drop, which again features a light, catchy melody (I guess).

Free Download: The Two Friends ft. Jeff Sontag & I Am Lightyear – Brighter 


Exclusive, Featured, Interviews | The Two Friends Coach Me Through A Kiss Cam With A Committed Woman, Finish A 50 Shades Of Grey Excerpt And More

Posted by on January 14, 2014


The year was 2008. The month was September. It was a brisk Monday morning. The air was thin and the women were thick. A young Matt Halper emerges from his slumber to once again find sentience in his willy after almost a fortnight without. “Ya swooned me bro” he says as he looks across the room at the bottle of Vaseline he sometimes uses. After a quick shower and a thorough application of Old Spice body spray across his unimpressive body, he headed off to school. It was the first day of the school year and he had just moved from the great state of Wyoming to the northeastern region of Guatemala so he was a tad worried that there wouldn’t be any cute girls there, let alone white people. His slightly racist worries were soon cast aside however when on his way to school, he was kidnapped and held for ransom by a middle aged caucasian woman. She didn’t have a weapon or anything, she just simply overpowered him.

Days became weeks and the weeks peaked at three. On the third week of his capture there was a breakthrough. The woman who had intended to hold him for a ransom changed her mind when she realized he was not a very attractive guy so nobody would really care enough to pay a sizable fund for his release, so she just forgot about him. The unexpected demise of Matt Halper was seemingly inevitable at this point and after being trapped in a dark room for weeks, he had just about given up all hope. That is until he heard the undoing of the lock and the door abruptly open. “Here, take this and come with me” a mysterious hooded person said as they tossed him a small cylindrical thing. Matt and his saviour ran through the door only to be confronted by the woman, who was in fact Darth Vader. It was only then that he looked down and realized what it was he was holding. Matt drew his lightsaber and in tandem with the hooded man, began combat with the Sith Lord. They defeated him swiftly and got on the first flight back to America. They were sitting on the plane when Matt broke the silence, looked at his saviour and asked “who are you?”. “The name’s Eli, Eli Manning”.

And that’s the story of how Matt Halper and Eli Sones, known collectively as The Two Friends met. We had a chance to talk to them about mostly non-music related things and it got pretty heated (they insulted my sister but then said jk so I let it slide). Read on for the interview.