Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (The Two Friends Remix)

Posted by on March 3, 2014


If there is one thing that is lacking in the world of progressive house music, it would be Lana Del Rey remixes. You just don’t come across one too often. Have you ever heard a remix of “Born To Die”? I highly doubt so because there are like none. The Two Friends saw this vacancy in the market and filled it sensually with their very own remix. Guys, you know how sometimes you put stuff in other stuff but it seems kinda weird cause that’s where stuff also comes out of? That is essentially what Matt and Eli did with what was almost an official remix. It has a similar feel to many of their previous tracks in that it puts the vocals on display with a soft instrumental and then turns it up for the build and drop. This is the song many of their fans have been waiting for so if you happen to be one of them, enjoy.

Free Download: Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (The Two Friends Remix)

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