Chill | Trove Impresses With Infectious New Single “GTFO”

Posted by on May 24, 2019

Trove has been climbing the ranks in the dance-pop / indie-electronic world. His warm feeling brand and continuous string of singles and larger music projects makes it no wonder his monthly plays are in the hundreds of thousands. Trove has now released “GTFO,” the single marks another teaser of what the soloist is up to with more sure to come.

“GTFO” surrounds the listener with a proper vocal alongside lush sounds in true Trove passion. The single satisfies with a professional structure and plenty of infectious moments built it.

Trove has found in space with the online dance world and is slowly taking markets. He’s roster of music features a bit of something everyone can love. Check out his music above and enjoy.

Chill | Trove’s “Revelry” A Soft Ride Through His Electronic World

Posted by on March 18, 2019

Trove has what hundred of artists want, millions of streams, a sound all his own, and a fanbase that both indie and major labels are interested in. With his EP upcoming, “Revelry” shines line on squeaky clean sound paired with a mixture of new wave/dance influence. The combination Trove pulls together on “Revelry” delivers an emotion all it’s own as strong production and songwriting collide on this one.

Trove plans to release a 4-track EP on label Disco:Wax partnered with Sony Records, after getting on the Spotify viral charts in Canada, France, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany a new leaf was turned for the artist as he turned heads in just a few short months with his music. Trove has achieved more than 30 million streams and even won a song-writing competition judged by Timbaland. The solo act is having success in the right areas as his career goes on an incline.