Indie, Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – Ungrateful Eyes

Posted by on September 10, 2013

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After teasing us with a ridiculous in-studio video, Long Island swiss army up and comer, Jon Bellion shares the first single off his sophomore album set to drop later this fall.  After setting the bar high with his debut effort, Translations Through Speakers, the indie pop star looks to continue escalating into the big leagues.  Producing, writing, and recording himself, there’s no question marks looming over JB’s talent – the kid really can do it all.

“Ungrateful Eyes” is the next step in his journey.  “I made a hundred grand this year, clap clap, so what” personifies what Jon is all about. He’s in it for the music, and we all have a reason to be excited for that.  Daps to GRVTY for putting together yet another unreal set of visuals.  Visionary.

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Indie, Pop | Jon Bellion – Translations Through Speakers [Free Album]

Posted by on February 20, 2013

Translations Through Speakers

Visionary Music Group’s newest star, Jon Bellion, just released his highly anticipated free album, Translations Through Speakers. After dropping videos for Paper Planes, LIFE, The Wonder Years & Dead Man Walking we finally get the mp3’s along with 6 additional self-written & produced tracks by Jon himself. There is no doubt that he is a unique artist that is hard to compare with anyone else in the indie game right now. If you haven’t picked up on his music yet, you’ve been missing out. Check out the free album below and follow him on his social media outlets for continuous updates.


DOWNLOAD: Jon Bellion – Translations Through Speakers

Indie, Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – The Making Of The Wonder Years [Behind The Scenes]

Posted by on February 12, 2013

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Having the opportunity to see an artist’s creative process from start to finish is a beautiful thing.  When you find an artist as talented as Jon that takes so many intricate steps when creating a record, you really develop a whole new appreciation for the craft.  After releasing the forth video single, “The Wonder Years,” off his upcoming free album Translations Through Speakers just a week ago, Jon Bellion reveals how the record came about.


Watch: “The Wonder Years” Music Video


Indie, Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – The Wonder Years [Music Video]

Posted by on February 5, 2013

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Ahh, the wonder years. When your biggest concern was whether you’re going to have your PB&J cut into halves or quarters. When having a tough day at work meant going 1-4 in your kickball game at recess. Our friend Jon Bellion releases his newest set of GRVTY visuals leading up to the release of Translations Through Speakers, due late this month. Jon reflects on childhood memories during “The Wonder Years”, pointing out the simple things that made life so enjoyable growing up. Sure, being an adult is great for many reasons, but we will always feel that itch to relive the greatest care free years of our lives.

P.S. Anyone catch _ _ _ _ _ in this video? #VMG


Indie, Pop | Jon Bellion – Dead Man Walking

Posted by on January 22, 2013

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If you’re looking for originality, look no further than Jon Bellion. Following up his previous releases of “Paper Planes” and “LIFE“, the Long Island native has some fun with his newest release, reciting a plot similar to an episode of “My Sisters Hot Friend”. Jon’s organic style is what really stuck out to me in this indie-acoustic jam, written, produced, and performed entirely by Jon himself. Although varying from his two previous releases, Jon once again has shown that necessary x-factor in each video thus far, creating a piece of art like nothing we’re accustomed to seeing. The upcoming project Translations Through Speakers is still slated for a release later this winter.


Indie, Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – The Making of LIFE [Behind The Scenes Video]

Posted by on November 8, 2012

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Hearing Jon Bellion’s illustrious creations in itself is an honor.  Having a behind the scenes look at his creative process is just icing on the cake.  Watching Jon add each intricate layer to the production is what amazes me most.  When you hear his music you may not realize all of the fine details and elements that make up the final product, but seeing “the making of” really draws a new appreciation for his music.  Ping back to the initial post on the LIFE music video and stay up for details on his all original project, Translations Through Speakers, dropping before years end.

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