Dubstep | R Rated #48

Posted by on September 27, 2012

Kicking off this weeks (late edition) of R Rated is Dodge & Fuski on the verge of their new EP release. Progressing their style of Dubstep a little more, their track Got 2 Come Together shows the fun side of their Never Say Die infused style. Comprised of the fun little electronic sounding melodies as well as the heavy aspects this track is an all around representation of what this duo can compose.

Taiki and Nulight are another duo that have been gaining support from the bigger names lately. They are signed under the dubstep don’s , Benga,  label which somewhat shows in their track. This one shows a simpler side to the genre with a dark twist to it, sort of what we used to hear a lot of from Benga a few years back.

DarkElixir is known for his dark heavy tunes, and this one is no different. Providing us with a remix to Sulfiltronik’s Bruk! , this track has its dark twists and hollow synths that he has mastered.

Another growing favorite of mine, Tom Budin, has put out this awesome original mix. Using his heavy synths in the drop he creates a trancey style of dub with his chords alongside some pretty catchy vocals.

EDIT: Figure pulled through last minute this reckless, heavy VIP of Super Sonic Brave Waves and we couldn’t wait to post it. So here you guys go and proceed with caution.

Drum & Bass | Drum & Bass Friday

Posted by on August 10, 2012

Liquid Drum & Bass seems to release awkwardly. Sometimes I will go weeks without finding a decent Liquid track, but on days like today my thoughts are serenaded into blissful submission.


This next liquid Drum & Bass track is even more laid back than the first. The vocals on the track are strong compliments the euphoric attitude it carries. In a way it makes me sad that September is close and so is Summers end.


There is an interesting story behind this remix. Tom Budin actually debated whether or not to release this because he was not able to get the actual stems making it sound a little sloppy. Being honest, if this is a sloppy remix, Ed Sheeran has to give this guy the track stems because this is still an incredible remix. I am glad Tom ended up releasing this ‘mess.’


Just like Liquid, my hunt for decent Warehouse Drum & Bass is always cut short by wannabes that don’t seem to understand the artisitic value of the genre. Thrilla seems to understand that Warehouse is more than just heavy sounds, kicks, and snare. The composure of the track matters, this isn’t David Guetta laziness.