Chill | Freya Niamh Release Enriching Acoustic Experience In ‘This is Mine to Keep’

Posted by on August 1, 2021

Freya Niamh has revealed her debut EP, featuring 6-tracks the exude refreshing emotional vulnerability and chill vibes. The EP is titled This is Mine to Keep and certainly radiates a therapeutic vibe. Personal and down-right real, the tracks go well together and, in totality, give a clear definition of what Freya Niamh is at as an artist in 2021.

“Benches,” ends up being a personal favorite of the bunch, the eased-atmosphere and somber atmosphere takes the edge off in a way that’s hard to come by. The singer-songwriter comes out full-bloom in this particular track, yet all six carry their own strengths.

Altogether, This is Mine to Keep feels like an EP should, carrying a common arc that links the songs together, rather than it feeling like individualized singles that were tossed together.

Freya Niamh takes inspiration from names like Billie Ellish, dodie, Alice Phoebe Lou, Rex Orange County and Clairo. These influences being broadly detectable through the music.

This won’t be the last time we hear from Freya Niamh, more music is certain to come.