Future Funk | Willdabeast & SwAy Drop Concept EP On Super Best Records

Posted by on March 22, 2016

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Super Best Records is known for bringing some funky crossover jams from various artists, including their leader Michael Menert. One of their acts, Willdabeast, has been steady gaining speed with several solid releases, including their latest one with the Canadian duo SwAy. Together these acts put out the three song Crossing Borders EP through the aforementioned label. This concept EP revolves around the love, passion and obstacles that you run into during a relationship. I have to say they really knocked it out of the park by backing their concept with some great future funk records that each bring a little different sound to the table. Collaborators on the project including vocalists Sinclair Hucke and Brittany Littke, who lends her voice to two of the songs. All three tracks can be downloaded for free via the track links on Soundcloud.

Future Funk | SwAy & Willdabeast Bring The Funk With “On My Mind”

Posted by on March 15, 2016

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Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

SwAy, Willdabeast and Sinclair Hucke all hooked up for a sweet record called “On My Mind.” The three acts get a bit funky with their acoustic meets electronic mixture that will have listeners jamming on repeat. “On My Mind” is the lead single on the forthcoming EP, Crossing Borders, that is due out on Super Best Records. The entire EP has SwAy and Willdabeast bringing their unique crossover sounds to the forefront of electronic music. With “On My Mind” things get a bit soulful and groovy, with the mood shifting throughout the five and a half minute composition. They cook up some interesting sounds to pair with the seductive vocal for a result that can only be heard to be appreciated. Take a listen, and get ready for the entire EP to drop soon!

Hip-Hop | EaSWay – Sway (prod. The Chainsmokers)

Posted by on December 1, 2014


EaSWay is back to his old ways with his new track Sway produced by The Chainsmokers. EaSWay goes in over a sample of Sway by Anna of the North with a mixture of singing and rapping, which is the direction he seems to be moving towards as of late. This track is definitely a banger and we’re stoked that EaSWay’s finally coming back with more fiery material. EaSWay is part of the new generation of artists like G-Eazy and Skizzy Mars who are expanding their musical knowledge and crossing cultural boundaries through their beats and lyrics. The future is looking bright for all EaSWay fans and music lovers alike.


Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | KURT – Red Carpet Ignorance [Mixtape]

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Four months ago I stumbled across a freestyle over “Next Episode”.  Naturally, I was skeptical of even listening because it’s certainly no walk in the park to bring justice to one of the Doc’s best recipes.  Pleasantly surprised by what I heard, I reached out to Long Island native, KURT with hopes of learning about him and his music.  Describing “Next Episode” as the starting blocks for the next chapter of his story, KURT released this as a promo single for what at that time was his upcoming mixtape, Red Carpet Ignorance.  The feedback was incredible and even KURT himself couldn’t believe the cosigns he was receiving.

KURT transferred the positive energy from his freestyles to his lead single, “No Shame”, which once again garnered some serious attention from local radio DJ’s.  In a recent interview alongside producer WhiteLie, KURT described “No Shame” as a “stripped down banger”, which in a sense was initially made as a joke record.  The rapping-producing duo have been working alongside each other for close to 8 years now diligently building a unified and distinguished sound.

Red Carpet Ignorance was a long time coming, but artistically paints the scene of a young aspiring star walking the red carpet on his premier night.  KURT understands the importance of staying “classy” in the public eye, but also believes celebrating life is also about the occasional asinine or “ignorant” acts.  This mixtape is a culmination of KURT’s premier night.  The first track, “Hallelujah (Intro)” sets the tone for KURT’s journey, as he marches on set with WhiteLie, confidently laying the brick and mortar for the foundation of his throne. RCI features a broad range of sounds, emotions, and energy, but the quality of each individual track is consistent throughout.  Thus far, my personal favorites are “Hallelujah”, “Good Morning Beautiful” which features singer Robbie Nova, “Don’t Need ‘Em” which features an original verse from the O.G. Bun B, “Ignorant Interlude”, and  lastly “City Love Jones”.