Bass | Warez Drops Heavenly Bass Single “Zealot PT. II (feat OUZA)”

Posted by on August 27, 2017

Warez has had the support of some of the biggest name in the industry, Kayzo, Snails, Krewella, Riot Ten are all acts who have supported his past works. The latest from the solo producer is “Zealot PT 2. (Feat OUZA),” the single combines elements of a dance anthem and techno tempo/percussion alongside hard hitting bass and synths. The result is a metaphysical type experience that almost lifts you out of your chair. In 2017, Warez is focused on partnering with a new label called Super Dead. The label specializes in releasing merch alongside forwarding thinking bass releases with “Zealot PT 2. (Feat OUZA),” being one of the newest additions.