Hip-Hop, Videos | Mike Stud – Mike Jordan [#SundayStudDay]

Posted by on February 18, 2014

I swear that Sunday Stud Days get better and better every Sunday. This past Sunday, Mike Stud dropped a new song and video titled “Mike Jordan,” but it’s much more than a song. The first minute is an inspirational monologue Stud gives that tells us how he got to where he is. The line that stuck with me most is: “never let anyone or anything kill your dream, because the moment you believe something is impossible, it is.” After the speech, the song and the visuals pick up, with a smooth instrumental from Louis Bell and dope visuals from Jon Kilmer as usual. The song itself is pretty melodic and involves more singing and pitch than just straight rapping – similar to the style of Chance the Rapper. Amazing project all around, so watch the video and download the single here.

Hip-Hop, Videos | Mike Stud – Journals of Relief (prod. Lu Balz) (Bieber Medley) [#SundayStudDay]

Posted by on January 22, 2014

For this sunday’s edition of Sunday Stud Day (a couple days late, sorry), Mike Stud medley’d two songs off of his new album Relief and 2 songs off of Justin Bieber’s album Journals and mixed them all into 1 continuous song. Between Mike Stud providing the lyricism, Lu Balz providing the beat, and Jon Kilmer providing the visuals (including yet another beatiful girl), Journals of Relief sums up to yet another weekly masterpiece. The song starts out very melodically, and that theme continues throughout the song – even throughout the verses. Well done again Mike Stud and team; until next Sunday.

P.S. If you prefer streaming it on Soundcloud, here is the link.

Chill, Mix | Easy Like Sunday Morning

Posted by on October 13, 2013


Happy Sunday Funday, y’all. I’ve been increasingly overwhelmed lately with the amount of good music accumulating out there in the universe so I’ve found bundling them up in little care packages to be the best solution to curing all the quiet moments in your day to day routine. Today’s playlist is a low-key musical journey to keep you feeling light and carefree throughout the entirety of your day.

A little indie, a little house, some trill-electro hip-hop reworks and one Drake and one Mr. Carmack track, because what would a playlist be these days without that.

So open up your windows and let the fresh air and sun shine on in. Make yourself a hearty breakfast, stay in bed, read an old book, take a walk, say something nice to the people you care about, turn on some football, spend an extra 15 minutes playing with your dog, or don’t do anything at all. Except play this mix, on repeat.

I wanna be high, so high, I wanna be free to know
The things I do are right
I wanna be free
Just me, babe!
That’s why I’m easy
I’m easy like sunday morning…


FYI, Pop | Justin Timberlake – I’m Ready

Posted by on January 10, 2013

Before everyone gets too excited, I’m obligated to tell all of you that this is not an actual song. The song will come at some point in the next 5 days, and expect it to be on FNT within 7 seconds of its release. This brief video is a small look into Justin Timberlake’s musical mind. This dude has been crazy busy, juggling acting, music, and reviving washed up social media websites. Good to hear how much of perfectionist he is, which gives me hope that his album(rumored to be produced by Timberland), will be nothing less than the best. Check out the black and white minute video above and be on the lookout for a J-Tim drop on SUNDAY.

Also, for the sake of news, Destiny’s Child also announced that they will be releasing a new song to add to their career compilation, “Love Songs.” The track will be produced by Virginia native Pharrell and will feature the last 3 members of DC, the trio of Beyoncé, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Looks like 2013 is the year of the comeback. Be on the lookout for that release on January 29th.