Hip-Hop | Split Second – Daydream (Skyline) | Hip-Hop

Posted by on February 19, 2011

Here’s the second single off of Split Second’s upcoming mixtape “Barely Legal”. The trio decided to move on from their electro phase in order to flex their hip-hop muscles once again. Be on the lookout for some visuals to “Blood Diamond” dropping next week (catch the teaser here)

DOWNLOAD: Split Second – Daydream (Skyline)

Hip-Hop | Brenton Duvall and Split Second | Hip-Hop/Pop

Posted by on February 17, 2011

Not much to say here folks, just doing a little bit of catch up with some FNT fan favorites. Brenton Duvall chopped it up with me this past weekend so I had to give him the headliner on this post. Check out the dope video done by Chris Taylor, it provides some insight about the song while also illustrating young Brents talents.

Brenton Duvall – Blow the Skrilla (Too $hort)

Split Second continues to explore electronic music in their latest installment of the weekly “Skub Til Taget (Push The Roof)” feature.

Split Second – Animal Rights (Hose It Remix)

Hip-Hop | Split Second, Wiz Khalifa, & Rick Ross | Hip-Hop

Posted by on February 10, 2011

We are in the process of welcoming Split Second to the FNT team, we just need a minute to throw their page together. You can expect to see many more projects in the near future similar to their most recent Skubtil Target installment. Rumor has it their next mixtape will be called “Barely Legal”, a little corny but I’m sure it’ll bump. Above is the teaser for their music video series which starts with their FNT debut song “Blood Diamond”. Stay tuned, we should be dropping the full video in next week or shortly thereafter. Below is some fresh hip-hop from Wiz and Bawse.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa & Ya Boy – Get Her High

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – Bricks (freestyle)

Previously: Split Second – Blood Diamond – Must DL!


Hip-Hop | Paul Markham, Goone, and Split Second | Hip-Hop

Posted by on February 2, 2011

Paul Markham may be from the ‘burbs, but talk about a mic killer. Paul’s final remix mixtape is coming out February 11th.

Goone made some good use of the auto-tune on this track. Listen and you will be HYPNOTIZED.

DOWNLOAD: Goone – Hypnotized ft. O.V. (prod. by Judge)


Split Second has been releasing some hot tracks for the past month. Only word to describe this remix, FIRE.

DOWNLOAD:Split Second – Follow Your Heart (Remix)

Electro, Hip-Hop | Split Second – Illmerica (Party Rock Remix)

Posted by on January 19, 2011

Split Second is back with a huge remix over this epic Wolfgang Gartner beat. Here’s what the trio (yes, one attends Trinity College) said about their latest project:

Each Wednesday for the next five weeks we will be releasing one song from the saga. Illmerica is the Episode Two of the saga, with Innocence (which we dropped awhile ago) being Episode One.The songs will consist of house/dubstep remixes. Meanwhile we’ll be working on the next full mixtape, which will have songs such as Blood Diamond on it, of original sounds which will be out shortly. We’re have a lot of new material so hope people are ready for it.

Split Second – Illmerica (Party Rock Remix)


Here’s the latest track from Kinetics & One Love. A little birdie told me the duo is working with a new female artist who’s been producing some angelic hooks that are guaranteed to make any guy cry….
DOWNLOAD: Kinetics & One Love – Cinderella Man (Feat. Man-u-iLL)

Electro | ELECTRO & ROCK | Trinity’s Up and Comers

Posted by on December 13, 2010

I dont care what the haters say, Bieber is the entire package… No homo… Anyways, it’s incredible how much talent is packed into such a small New England school like Trinity. From Sam Adams to Split Second to these two, I’m thoroughly impressed.

Without further adieu I’d like to take this opportunity to officially announce Trinity’s first boyfriend-girlfriend collaboration. True love seldom manifests itself so flawlessly but there’s a first for everything. Yes thats right, “Ravs” is DJ M2’s girlfriend – *sigh* I want to be in LOVE! For more tracks visit his website here.

DOWNLOAD: M2 ft. Ravs – Run To Me

This second song is a little different than the typical FNT rap or electro banger, in fact its basically the opposite. But since its exam time, I figured I’d hit you all with a calm alternative rock track which wont make your ears bleed. Here’s some info Wes sent over

The track was written, recorded and produced by Myself and Nils Vanderlip a current student at Berklee in Boston. All recording took place at my studio but it was sent out for mastering to an NYU alum, Frank Celenza.

DOWNLOAD: Wesley Wynne & Nils Vanderlip – A Lonely Summer

Dubstep, Hip-Hop | Split Second – Innocence

Posted by on October 7, 2010

Now that we’ve seen an example of how not to release a dubstep track i.e. kill a song by awkwardly talking over it and then claiming to be the king of the sub-genre invented by Bostonsboy, I’d like to offer everyone with an impressive project done by the Taft trio, Split Second (one of the members now attends Trinity College). If your ears get wet to this one, wait till you hear the track I’ve been begging these guys to drop for weeks. Fortunately we will be premiering it tomorrow so stay tuned.

Split Second – Innocence (Nero Remix)

— (4.5 Stars)